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Metal product manufacturing, Press processing, Insert molding, Precision molding


Stamping/plating/insert molding/stamping die fabrication/die parts fabrication and sales of connector parts and lead frames for power semiconductors.

Integrated production system of die fabrication – stamping – plating – insert molding.

Service introduction

Since we founded the company in the Philippines in 1995, we have been engaging in metal stamping business. The concept is the spirit of “Monozukuri (Craftmanship)” of Enomoto, which has been dedicated to “Monozukuri” for 60 years since 1962, when our parent company, Enomoto Co. Ltd., established. We have been providing careful “Monozukuri” through our die technology to satisfy our customers. We are now expanding our “Monozukuri” DNA to the Philippines as well.

Currently, Enomoto Philippines built an integrated production system that includes design, parts processing, and die fabrication and assembly, as well as a lineup of in-house plating facilities and insert molding to meet customer needs. We are using the same technology and system for die fabrication that is being utilized in Japan, and can provide a stable supply of Japanese quality products. We also have a backup system from our head office in Japan and group company in China for technical support, human resource development, and emergency response, and are striving to further improve our technology. In addition to stamping and molding machines that meet product specifications, we also have testing and analysis facilities in-house to ensure that our customers can rely on the quality of our products.

You may not see our products directly, but they are used in automobiles, industrial equipment, home appliances, and other products that are always close to you. We continue to produce products that are indispensable. Through the years, we have developed and combined technologies used in the production of connector parts and semiconductor lead frames (ICs, transistors, LEDs) so they can be mass produced by stamping, regardless of material or board thickness.

In addition to mass production processing using high-speed presses, we also produce a wide range of products, including numerous automotive parts compliant with IATF 16949 certification. For stamping work, we offer high quality punching, caulking, bending, and crushing. We can also provide die parts using our processing methods.

Enomoto’s long-term management concept, “Vision 2030,” “Creating the future with die and mold technology”, is also shared in the Philippines, and we aim to be a business partner in people’s daily lives with smaller, faster, cutting-edge technology.

CEO Kazuya Baba

ENOMOTO PHILIPPINE MANUFACTURING, INC. (EPMI) was founded in September 1995.
Starting from stamping process of connector terminals and power semiconductor lead frames, we have established an integrated production system from die design and fabrication → metal stamping → precious metal plating → insert molding. We have established a one-stop system in the Philippines to respond to customer requests, enabling us to deliver high-quality ultra-precision products to our customers in short lead times and in large quantities.
In order to realize Enomoto Group’s management philosophy, “The core of management is people, and through sound manufacturing, we contribute to the realization of an affluent society”, we are promoting the human resource development of national staff as a top priority for the entire group, including Japan and China, and each and every one of us provides careful manufacturing through die technology to please our customers. That is EPMI’s sound manufacturing. In the 27 years since EPMI was founded, we have continued to grow together with this country and in order to continue to contribute to all stakeholders, we continue to improve and change every day.
Based on the technology we have cultivated, we will actively take on the challenge of expanding into other industries and business development in new technology fields and we will create a new world in the Philippines. We appreciate your continued support.

(Joseph L. Alcantara)

If your company has any stamping products or insert molding products that you are having trouble with, products or die parts that you would like to procure locally, please contact us. We hope we can be of some help. We believe we can assist you in any way we can, especially in the processing of metal products. We would also be happy to consult with you on how we can help you even if you are in a different industry that we have no experience in. Please contact us first.


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