February 11, 2019

26th Travel Tour Expo at SMX Convention Center Manila: A Walk-through to the Festive Event

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  • 26th Travel Tour Expo at SMX Convention Center Manila: A Walk-through to the Festive Event
  • Philippine Travel Agencies Association’s (PTAA) three-day Travel Tour Expo may have ended yesterday, February 10, but the excitement brought about by the many discounts and promo packages of over 400 exhibitors, is sure to last longer for the country’s backpackers at heart.

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    What’s more is that with SMX Convention Center Manila teeming with soon-to-be tourists in and outside the Philippines during the exposition, the organization’s 40-year effort to gather a network of travelers and agencies can be deemed a success.

    Crowds gather at Travel Tour Expo’s 2nd Day inside SMX Convention Center Manila.

    The 26th Travel Tour Expo has therefore made it up the Hall of Fame for one of the most-awaited events every year, even for those who have graced the event just to look around, waiting for the day’s surprises.

    So what else happened for the rest of PTAA’s 26th Travel Tour Expo? Let us take you to a tour:

    Festivals and Extravagantly-Themed Booths

    SMX Convention Center Manila seemed to have turned from a spacious hall to more than a hundred travel destinations gathering in one venue.

    Each booth is themed after every country’s highlighted destination, proudly presented by exhibitors through their gorgeously garbed models, some adorable enough to draw crowds in.

    A lady takes a photo with Wonderful Indonesia’s gorgeously garbed model in front of their booth.

    From Indonesia to Japan, Singapore to Korea, and the Philippines’ very own island gems, visitors could easily get a picture of what they are signing up for.

    Ms. Yuki Ikeda (right), Assistant Leader of International Tourism Division, Hokkaido District Transport Bureau, gets interviewed inside their Hakodate Booth.

    What’s more is that exhibitors take it up one step further by organizing cultural shows for the crowd to get a vibe of each country’s culture and traditions.

    A lady gracefully dancing to the tune of a Japanese cultural dance during Travel Tour Expo’s Day 2

    Surprise Celebrities of the Day

    Crowds near the stage were also surprised to find out that their favorite Filipino celebrities are present to promote different must-see destinations in Asia, just like Filipino TV host Robi Domingo and Filipina actress Glaiza de Castro who charmed their way to the stage for the second day of the expo.

    Showtime’s resident comedian Ryan Bang also ended the Travel Tour Expo’s final day with a resounding “Bang!” He was invited by the Korea Tourism Organization to promote his homeland, Korea.

    Filipino TV host Robi Domingo, on February 9, graced the stage to promote one of his favorite places in Japan, the beautiful Hakodate in Hokkaido, which blooms with color with its star-shaped Goryokaku Fort and its line of cotton candy-colored cherry blossoms plus Murakami’s Shibazakura-en, the most beautiful backyard in Kikonai.

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    Robi Domingo promotes Hakodate during the TTE 2019

    Robi Domingo talked about the wonders of Hakodate and how and why you should go there.

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    Just in front of the stage, Robi Domingo gifted his fans, as well as Philippine Primer and Hakodate Japan’s promoters, with a photo opportunity inside Hakodate’s booth, situated at J253.

    Philippine Primer staff and Japan promoters take a photo with Robi Domingo at the Travel Tour Expo, Day 2.

    So be sure to visit PTAA’s Travel Tour Expo next year to experience a one of a kind cultural showcasing to draw you in.

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