April 20, 2018

Feel the Love and Heat up your Summer with Butamaru’s Lunch Set

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  • Feel the Love and Heat up your Summer with Butamaru’s Lunch Set
  • Passionate about creating Japanese dishes to fill the hearts and stomachs of hungry Filipinos, Butamaru is a restaurant you might want to bring your significant other for lunch!

    Lunch Set C /IMAGE grabbed from Butamaru Ortigas Facebook Page

    To start your journey through the best of the Butamaru experience, try their lunch sets! Our favorite would be the combination set C for only Php 360. Inclusive of toriten which is a Japanese tempura-style fried chicken eaten with the fried rice dish chahan and Butamaru pork bun. Best enjoyed with hot miso soup, your lunch will surely be something to look forward to.

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    If you haven’t tried Butamaru yet, you might want to soon as you could very well as meet someone to make you feel kilig (romantic excitement) just as shown in this video:


    A short film featuring Jojo Lovesurvivor and Maria Ozawa. The story revolves around two friends who like each other secretly, giving each other that kilig moment and beautiful love story.Thanks to all the people who helped in making this film: @Brent Co Chef @Edward Bugia @jm cruz @stephen neil valle Red-Handed Kid Skylight Butamaru Ortigas the BURGER PROJECT Pino Restaurant Bookay Ukay Breakfast and Pies #Kilig #markcruzmedia #Torpestory #lovestory #Kiligmoment #Firsttimewithjojo

    Jojo The Love Survivorさんの投稿 2018年4月13日(金)

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