September 30, 2017

Cafe Voi La in Tagaytay: A Total Masterpiece of Art and Food

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  • Cafe Voi La in Tagaytay: A Total Masterpiece of Art and Food
  • Although the name might instantly ring French, Cafe Voi La is an Asian-fusion restaurant born out of a traveler’s culinary discoveries around Southeast Asia. From the colorful picture-perfect interiors to the menu, Café Voi La is an artistic masterpiece in the form of a restaurant which will take you to a whole new level of dining experience.

    Every corner of Cafe Voi La is perfect for your Instagram feed.

    The name of the restaurant was actually inspired by the Vietnamese phrase boi la, which means to cook with leaves. They use a lot of herbs and fresh ingredients that form exciting epicurean dishes.

    We highly recommend Café Voi La Signature Chicken Satay which is a delightful concoction of Vietnamese, Indonesian and Cambodian flavors and spices like lemongrass, turmeric ginger, and kafir lime. Pungent flavors ooze from the meat and, while it is served with a special home-made peanut sauce, the meat itself creates a satisfying pleasure in the palate.

    Café Voi La Signature Chicken Satay (Php 395 – 3 pcs. / Php 495 – 3 pcs.)

    The Pad Thai is a very familiar Thai dish but is an incredible discovery at Café Voi La. Temptingly presented, this stir-fried noodle dish is made with piquant sauce, grilled tofu, bean sprouts, and crushed roasted peanuts, with a slice of lemon to balance out the flavors.

    Pad Thai (Php 595)

    Other must-try dishes are the Special Senator’s Salad, Salmon Khao Soi, and Seafood Curry. While their menu mainly presents a fusion of various Asian flavors, they also offer Western favorites like steaks and pizzas.

    Special Senator’s Salad (Php 395) – assorted green lettuce, paper-thin slice of smoked salmon, grilled prawns, and shitake mushroom, garnished with parmesan shavings.

    Cafe Voi La Seafood Curry (Php 595)

    Salmon Khao Soi (Php 595) – Northern Thai-inspired yellow curry and coconut cream flavored noodle soup.

    They also have a selection of artisanal coffee that takes inspiration from different Asian countries. A hot cup of Vietnamese latte would make a great finale to an incredibly filling meal.

    Vietnamese Latte (Php 155)

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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