November 19, 2018

Callé Bistro in Quezon City: A Lifestyle Strip for Your Cravings

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  • Calling all the foodies out there! There’s a new fancy haven at the back corner of the buzzing Ever Gotesco Mall in Commonwealth Quezon City, dubbed the Calle Bistro–that is sure to satisfy your adventurous appetite.

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    Calle Bistro

    Calle Bistro is a project by Everscapes, a subsidiary of EVER of Companies, which recently opened in the fourth quarter of 2017.

    The project is said to provide families of all sorts a selection to a wide zone of restaurants varying from appetizers, desserts, classic meals, and more. Calle Bistro, from up-to-date, is in its almost stacked form since some restaurants are yet to open.

    In the recent ‘Food Crawl‘ that the Philippine Primer team attended last Saturday, November 17, the stores that participated are PUB Express, ELM’s Kapihan and Winery, Adobo Connection, Ima’s Kitchen, Gerry’s Grill and Restaurant, Macao Imperial Tea, Cook the Bread, Hap Chan, Sisig Society.

    Starting from the far left when facing the mall, is the PUB Express, home to delicious and affordable finger-licking munchies, such as chicken wings, ribs, Lechon kawali, and more!

    PUB Express

    If you ever visit the Pub Express, be sure to not miss their best-selling juicy Baby Back Ribs (Php 169). The baby back ribs will melt in your mouth as you savor the taste of the flavorful garnished tender ribs.

    Baby back ribs (Php 160)

    If you’re looking for a restaurant in Calle Bistro that serves tasteful coffees or alcoholic beverages paired with a great menu, ELM’s Kapihan & Winery is the one to head out to. After all, how often do we encounter a coffee place and a bar at the same time?

    ELM’s Kapihan & Winery

    Chill with their perfectly curated margaritas (Php 140)–perfect to end a stressful evening, or just to ease the night away with your friends!

    ELM’s Kapihan & Winery margarita (Php 140)

    For a menu that is close to the heart, try out what Ima Kitchen’s has to offer! This restaurant provides classic Filipinos eats like sinigang, adobo, isaw, turon, sisig, and more!

    Ima Kitchen

    Dig in to their own special chunky Adobo (Php 135) recipe, which is prepared with a special marinade and garnished with bay leaves and toasted garlic.

    Ima Kitchen Adobo (Php 135)

    For mouthwatering delicacies, Korean-based restaurant Cook The Bread will fill your palate with a whole new taste. You will surely be enticed by the uniqueness of their pastries!

    Cook the Bread

    One of their best sellers and manager-recommended is the Coffee toast (Php 35). It looks like a simple bread with a butter on top, but you’d be surprised on how a simple menu can be so great once you take a bite of it.

    Coffee toast topped with a special cream (Php 35)

    Meanwhile, Hapchan will satisfy your Chinese food cravings, especially because they’re known for their good-tasting dim sum. They also serve a delicious selection of noodle meals, noodle soups, desserts, and more!


    Check out Hapchan’s best-selling Sauteed Beef with Broccoli Flower (Php 270), which is a flavorful beef perfectly arranged with broccoli flowers, garnished with special sauce and vegetables.

    Sauteed beef with brocoli flower (Php 270)

    Gerry’s Grill is undoubtedly among the go-to places of groups celebrating small occasions.

    Gerry’s Grill

    Gerry’s Sizzling Sisig (Php 207) is one of the establishment’s pride and best sellers. Their sisig is made up of minced beef, pork, topped with chicharon and onion on a sizzling platter.

    Gerry’s Grill Sizzling Sisig (Php 207)

    For tea and coffee lovers, Macao Imperial Tea will deliver unique flavors from their array of beverages ranging from Php 90 to Php 200. From the best tasting milk teas to assorted pastries, Macao will surely be your next go-to spot whenever you hang out with your friends.

    Macao Imperial Tea

    Macao Imperial Tea boasts not only its delightful affordable beverages, but also the Instagrammable presentation that customers will surely love.

    Macao Imperial Tea’s set of teas, coffees, and munchies

    You can also see the wide-spread restaurant in the Philippines, which is the Adobo Connections. This homegrown restaurant serves all kinds of Filipino classic favorites such as tapa, kare-kare, bangus, and so much more.

    Adobo Connection serving go-to to Filipino dishes 

    For only Php 115, you can dig into their best-selling Adobo Flakes. This tasty meal is sided with chips and egg, and any Adobo-lover would totally add this to their favorites.

    Adobo Flakes with chips and egg (Php 115)

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    For your ultimate gastronomical trip in the North, visit the Calle Bistro–it’s always nice to discover new hang-out places with your friends!

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