August 04, 2018

Kite Kebab Bar in Makati: Spicing Up Poblacion with Mediterranean Street Food

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  • Nighttime in Poblacion, Makati holds an exotic array of eccentric bars and bistros that draws people in not only for their fine dining but also for the many choices they offer. With this, Kite Kebab Bar, located in Ebro, Poblacion, offers you a menu of Mediterranean cuisine and street food to choose from, if you want to experience the nightlife that Makati has up its sleeves.

    Prevalent in Kite Kebab Bar is the bistro’s accents of wood and forest colors, which remind its clients with wool fabrics and spices traded by way of the Mediterranean Sea. Light bulbs hanging from its ceilings also illumine the place with a dramatic feel, as food are served on wooden platters, giving off an earthy vibe.

    Introduced to the public on October 2017 by former Pinoy Big Brother Housemate Kian Kazemi, Kite serves grilled dishes and Mediterranean cuisine, which are mostly from the actor’s homeland of Iran.

    Many of the dishes served contain a healthy mix of vegetables and beans, most popular to women who frequent the bar. Among these dishes are the Vegetarian Samosa (Php 125), their long-grained Basmati rice (Php 65), and their Hummus (Php 175), a classic Mediterranean dish made from mashed chickpeas and served with pita.

    Vegetarian Samosa (3 pieces) (Php 119)

    Basmati (Php 65)

    Hummus (Php 175)

    For a more exotic, street food choice, try their boiled Ox Brain (Php 119) which, according to Kite, is definitely not for the faint-hearted. You can also sample a serving of their juicy Japanese beef skewers, the Wagyu Kebab (Php 165), and their signature recipe, the Shrimp Tandoori (Php 100).

    Ox Brain (Php 119)

    Wagyu Kebab (Php 165)

    Shrimp Tandoori (Php 199)

    Of course, street food is best paired with Kite Kebab Bar’s array of local and imported beers and other alcoholic beverages, so do not miss this when visiting Kite at Poblacion!

    This first appeared in Philippine Primer Japanese Magazine’s August 2018 issue.

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