June 06, 2017

Ikomai in Salcedo, Makati: Home to Japanese street and comfort food

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  • Ikomai in Salcedo, Makati: Home to Japanese street and comfort food

    Ikomai is a not your ordinary Japanese restaurant in the metro—it is primarily a space where people meet and enjoy good food.

    ASSORTED KUSHIKATSU (Php 450). From left to right: Pork, Okra, Shrimp, Onion, Chicken 

    Known for serving simple kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables), Ikomai was previously a food stall in Salcedo Market for about a year and a half before it decided to build its own physical store in Salcedo Village. Although it serves Japanese cuisine, Ikomai does not market themselves as a typical Japanese restaurant, but rather, its unique concept is to “create a space where people and meet and make friends,” all while enjoying sumptuous food.

    Casual and classy ambience as they play jazz and soulful music in the background

    SPICY TEBASAKI (Php 380 for 5 pcs). Japanese street wings available in sweet sesame or spicy flavors

    KAKUNIDON (Php 350). Japanese set meal of braised pork rice bowl

    Having said that, Ikomai’s Japanese owners mentioned that they are people-friendly, which is why this has become their main idea for Ikomai—to not only be a restaurant, but as a venue for good conversations.

    At the back of the restaurant is a mini garden outdoor area where potted plants are on display

    When it comes to their food, part-owner Taro Hori and Nagoya-based chefs serve a number of specialty street food from Nagoya, Japan. Ikomai will also serve their kushikatsu favorites, rice meals, and pastries which they have served before back when it was still a food stall. Another part-owner named James is a pastry chef has his own brand called Tochi Dessert. The pastries served here are made in-house, as they sell freshly-baked goods such as cookies for a luscious sweet treat after a satisfying meal.

    Visit Ikomai in Salcedo Village and have a homey dining experience over Japanese street food!

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