March 25, 2014

Mesa Filipino Moderne

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  • From traditional, this Filipino restaurant took a step to become modern.

    Mesa Filipino Moderne is a restaurant that serves “innovative Filipino modern dishes” to its guests. As one of the much-loved Filipino cuisine places, Mesa takes pride of their specialties that makes dining more pleasurable.

    Crab with salted egg sauce (Php 150/100 g)

    Binagoongang baboy ni Kaka (Php 225) Pan-fried pork belly sauteed in shrimp paste with grilled eggplant/IMAGE Mesa Facebook page

    Mesa is not just the place to go to for those who missed Pinoy dishes, but rather, it’s a place where one will be delighted to taste the best of the Philippines’ culinary offerings that’s made more exciting. By that, we mean that Mesa makes sure the dishes are made more special and original—something different compared to other Filipino restaurants.

    Grilled Liempo Mesa Way (Php 195)/IMAGE Mesa Facebook page

    Mesa also takes pride in being the first and only grill-restaurant. They offer on-the-spot grilling right at your table making sure that what you will be having is fresh.

    Mesa also has private function rooms which can be used for meetings, seminars, and other special events.

    Dine in at Mesa and experience how innovation is made in their offering of Filipino dishes!

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