January 01, 2016

CHAYA Restaurant

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    Inside the restaurant has cozy and warm atmosphere.

    CHAYA is a Japanese restaurant that offers Japanese dishes in a relaxing atmosphere. It has a wooden interior and furniture that gives a sense of cozy warmth like the restaurants in Japan. The restaurant is always full of Japanese people as well as tourists from other countries.


    The popular Japanese hot pot Sukiyaki is served with a fresh row egg.

    All the dishes are made with ingredients fresh from Baguio and Japan. Its specialty dish is called Sukiyaki (P390) which is served with a fresh raw egg. They also provide fresh organic fruits and vegetables from the local market.


    They offer organic veggies.

    The customers love the restaurant’s great atmosphere and delicious food. They also commend the employees’ flexible response to meet the customer’s requests and to show excellent warm service.

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