February 22, 2017


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    Butamaru is a ramen joint in Westgate, Alabang that specializes in pork-based broth, it is inspired by the variations of Hakata style ramen from Fukuoka prefecture. In Japanese, ‘Buta’ means pork and ‘Maru’ means circle. The interior inside is simple and straight to the point.  The first floor has a counter/bar area which is patterned from the restaurants in Japan while the second floor has a bigger space and serves as the main dining of the restaurant.

    The restaurant’s bar/counter found on the first floor. 

    The Filipino owner himself flew to Fukuoka to research and learn about the ways of making a perfect ramen. Butamaru’s masterpiece – Tonkotsu-based Shio soup is the proud product of this research. In which he also wanted to perfect the right Chosu pork, learning about the right procedure and marinating it for hours to get he’s desired consistency. 

    Shio Ramen (Php 310)

    Their soup is thick yet leaves a clean aftertaste, and is a perfect match with their thick noodles. The chasyu is so soft and it melts in your mouth. The pork is sourced locally while the flour is from Japan. The broth and noodles are made from a recipe taught by a master artisan from the Ooita company in Japan.

    Tantanmen (Php 360)

    The curry powder adds a deep, yet mild flavor. The Tantanmen they serve here in BUTAMARU is creamy, mixed with minced pork with white sesame seeds and peanuts. It is available in spicy and mild flavor. You can also choose if you want your noodles either soft or hard.

    Toriten (Php 210)

    One of the dishes that would go well with Butamaru’s ramen is their Toriten, tempura-style fried chicken with ponzu sauce. This dish is famous in the Oita Prefecture. If you found yourself in the South, make sure to drop by Butamaru and order their Tantanmen ramen and gyoza.

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