September 06, 2017

Boulangerie22 in One Legazpi Park, Makati

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  • Craving for some bread? Come and try Boulangerie22 at One Legazpi Park!

    Boulangerie 22 One Legazpi Park branch opened its doors to the public last December 17, 2016. This is their second branch in Makati, after opening their first branch in Natividad St., Chino Roces, Makati City.

    Boulangerie22 got its name from the French word for bakery — boulangerie — and the number 22, which is a significant number to its owner, Mr. David Kim Amado. This bakery may be considered unique among different other bakeries or pastry shops for they follow a French countryside concept embellished with a mixture of Asian and European palates.

    Chicken Floss (Floss made from 100% chicken with filling inside, priced at Php 59)

    L-R: Japanese Cream Cheese Custard pan (Php 59); Japanese Chocolate Custard pan (Php 69)

    They honor age-old baking techniques by using a 140-year old heirloom sourdough which is cross-processed using a 24-hour fermentation method giving their bread a softer and moist texture.

    Aside from the use of the 140-year old heirloom sourdough, Boulangerie22 is committing themselves to give Filipinos a satisfying and delectable experience by using 100% real, premium, and fresh ingredients with no added preservatives or MSG. In addition, each food item they sell is individually wrapped in special hygienic packages that have been disinfected using UV light.

    Holy Cheesus, bread with  different cheese filling: cream cheese, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, and blue cheese (Php 149)

    Boulangerie22  One Legazpi Park branch is their biggest branch present which can cater to 16-20 guests. Guests can avail of a free wifi service upon having their orders. They also offer a menu for children which includes mini heart-shaped cookies, brownies of different flavors, and sliced cakes. Aside from their local bread and children’s menu, this bake shop also offers pasta, soups, and coffee to their patrons.

    Written by Patricia Antoinette M. Nacianceno

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