April 13, 2018

Kung Fu Master Cooking in Makati: Affordable Hong Kong dishes

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  • It’s not every day that we can afford a lavish dining experience at an expensive Chinese restaurant. On some days, we’ll just have to make do with cheap Chinese snacks just to satisfy our cravings. The good thing is, there’s a restaurant that offers less than Php 200 for all their dishes—perfect for our sudden cravings. It may be inexpensive, but their dishes do not disappoint in terms of quality.

    Kung Fu Master Cooking in Makati Avenue, is a casual dining restaurant that serves Hong Kong dishes. Started in 2017, this restaurant prides itself with their dim sum specialties made from recipes by their Chinese Chef.

    To make sure that they produce quality dishes for their guests, some ingredients are flown in from Hong Kong. All their dishes are freshly-made as well. Kung Fu’s bestsellers are their wide range of dim sum specialties which are all priced below Php 200. They offer the Filipino-favorite Hong Kong siomai, and they also have dim sum like Beancurd Skin Roll, Kung Fu Prawn Dumpling, and Steamed Taro Pork Balls. What we recommend for you to try is their Carrots Dimsum for only Php 99 for 3 pieces.

    Carrots Dimsum (Php 99 for 3 pieces)

    Seafood Fried Noodles (Php 168) made up of squid, shrimp, and vegetables

    If you like noodles or rice, they have a wide selection of dishes for you to choose from. From the crowd-favorite Yangzhou fried rice, to Wonton Soup Noodles, you’ll find a dish that will surely for your budget. Don’t forget to try their refreshing fruit shakes to quench your thirst, too!

    Mango Pudding (Php 99) made with fresh mango

    With its strategic location in Makati Avenue, it’s an ideal place to spend lunch and dinner time with. Come visit and satisfy your hunger with Kung Fu’s affordable dishes!

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