July 15, 2021

Etiquette for Walking around Manila with Pets

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  • You know where to walk your furry friends but do you really know how to properly take care of your pets and surroundings during your regular walks? You may be a dog person but many people you may encounter during your walk may not be.

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    Here are some tips on etiquette on how you and your pet can enjoy walks:

    No trespassing

    It is rude to let your dog walk on people’s property when walking around a residential neighborhood. Best to keep your pet on the sidewalk. When walking in public parks, as the owner, you still have to aware of and respect establishments that do not allow pets.

    Pick up the poo

    Dog walkers should be prepared with several plastic bags for picking up poo or have your pet wear diapers. There are malls and public parks that have trash cans, especially for pet poo baggies and diapers. Know your dog’s attitude and how often they defecate.

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    Keep the leash on… for safety

    No matter how “good” your pet is, there really is no assurance that they will not scare, attack or worse, get lost. Most public places in Manila also require walking pets on a leash so better be safe and keep others safe as well.

    Be aware of other dogs around you

    Not all dogs will want to socialize with your dog or the other way around. If you encounter an excited dog who seems to be interested in yours, keep them in your sights and know the small signs that may say that they are no longer just playing. If your pet is a quiet type, make sure that other pets or people don’t bother yours.

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    Be aware of other people

    Your dog is your best friend, no one else’s. If your dog is a barker, most people will take caution and stay away but you would want to avoid that happening since the area is not your own. However, if your pet is curious and would sniff and lick strangers, be sure to correct your dog. Your objective is to walk your pet so best let them walk rather than sniff about.

    Source: www.quickanddirtytips.comearthbath.com

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