July 04, 2014

Wrong Ramen (CLOSED)

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  • UPDATE: This restaurant is CLOSED as of May 30, 2019. 

    The shop’s name is very playful. “Wrong Ramen” is not your typical ramen house. As a matter of fact, it dares to deviate from the standard Japanese-style ramen. However, they make their own ramen noodle using a machine made in Japan.

    The menu is also very playful and funny. They have names like “F.U. ramen” and the “Sea Men ramen”.


    P1070343_2The Communist (Php 395)

    P1070379_2Tonkotsu Rich (Php 380)

    P1070436_2Tantanmen (Php 395)

    P1070489_2Sea Men Ramen (Php 345)

    P1070502_2FU Ramen (Php 425)

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