February 19, 2016

Tori Ichi Yakitori & Bar Offers An Array of Meat Skewer Choices

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    Tori Ichi, which is short for “Yakitori Ichiban”, is a restaurant that originated in Kyoto, Japan. Located at Net Quad in Taguig, this food spot prepares authentic yakitori that both Japanese and non-Japanese customers surely love. Yakitori is a Japanese type of grilled chicken, but its preparation is basically any meat skewered in either bamboo sticks or steel.

    IMG_5154BEST-SELLER. Butabara Karashi (Php 60) or pork belly skewers with mustard mayo.

    This restaurant opened in December 2015. Though not the first to offer yakitori in the Philippines, Tori Ichi is ready to compete in the industry with their one-of-a-kind selection of yakitori, yakisoba and katsudon.

    Picture1(L-R) Niku Tsume Piman (Php 130); Enoki Mushroom Bacon (Php 100) or chicken stuffed bell peppers

    Tori Ichi has a Japanese chef who ensures that the food served is in high quality standard. When it comes to cooking and preparing for food, they use the best charcoals for grilling.

    Here are some of the yakitori specials they offer: Kawa (Php 45/stick) or chicken skin skewers; Mochi Bacon (Php 100/stick) or bacon-wrapped Japanese rice cake skewers; and Hasami (Php 65/stick) or chicken and scallion skewers.

    Picture2SIMPLY OISHI. Mochi Bacon (L) and Hasami (R)

    IMG_5212YAKIRTORIS AND A YAKISBOBA. Aside from yakitori, they also serve yakisoba. Try Buta Kimchi Yakisoba (Php 310), noodles made with pork and kimchi.

    To wash it all down, they included a few special drinks that complement their dishes. Serving Japanese beer and plum wine, they now encourage everyone to spend the night cap with them. Using fresh vegetables, meats, and various ingredients that are imported from Japan, it’s like Japan was brought to you in every plate that they serve.

    They also offer desserts, such as Matcha Ice Cream (Php 80) with red beans on the side, and Satsumaimo (Php 120), sweet potatoes with ice cream and honey.

    Bringing the taste of Japan to the metro, Tori Ichi will make you want to go back to get some more.

    How to get here:

    • Tori Ichi BGC is situated across the Korean Cultural Center.
    • For public transportation, you may ride the BGC Bus with Central Route, Upper West, or Arca South signboard and alight at the Crescent Park West stop. Tori Ichi would be a brief walk from there.
    • For private vehicles, BGC has four entry points: Lawton Avenue, McKinley Road, Kalayaan Avenue, and C5.
    Google Map:
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