April 30, 2024

Exchange Alley Coffee House in Alabang: Bringing London to the Philippines

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  • Exchange Alley Coffee House in Alabang: Bringing London to the Philippines
  • Exchange Alley Coffee House in Molito, Alabang is one of the favorite hubs of South peeps, boasting not only good food but also a cozy vibe. The cafe opened its doors back in December 2016.

    Though technically owned by four people, Exchange Alley is mainly handled by former workmates Kristine Ongsiyping and Jonathan Choi.

    Fun fact: they’re both from the Information Technology field before they started the coffee shop.

    Kristine lives in Quezon City, and yet she chose Alabang for the location of her cafe. “The community in the South is different. People know each other, and it’s nice,” she stressed.

    Exchange Alley also has its own roastery, so you know their coffee is all about quality and freshness. They source their espresso all the way from Brazil, while others from local farmers like Bennu coffee from Bukidnon and Liberica from Batangas.

    Coffeeholics know that a cup of joe is best enjoyed when it’s not too sweet that you can actually taste the bitterness. Its Iced Latte is one example. It’s slightly strong and yet very refreshing—you’d want to ask for more!

    Coffee and Pastry Selections / IMAGE from Exchange Alley

    If you’re up for a hot drink, though, you may try Exchange Alley’s Mocha. This best-selling dark chocolate drink is sourced from Risa Chocolates in South Cotabato. It’s the right blend of bittersweet and warm, reminding you of rainy nights when you just want to stay in bed with a good book and hot chocolate.

    The overall menu is inspired by their travels, mostly British cuisine. You could say it’s experimental, but they ensure authenticity with every bite as the team make everything in-house, from sweeteners to ice cream.

    Take the Breakfast Pasta, for example. It’s the pasta-version of their Each Breakfast dish, comprised of sausages and cherry tomatoes, topped with egg and bacon. You’d love the meaty taste as it’s definitely different from the pasta you’re used to.

    Breakfast Pasta

    Pork and Beans is also highly recommended. The meat is so soft and tender, you’d love how it complements well with the toasted bread.

    Pork and Beans

    If you want a lighter meal, sample their Avo Toast. It’s topped with salmon so it has a seafood hint to it, but still perfect to pair with coffee.

    Avo Toast

    Exchange Alley also has vegetarian options–you just have to tell them! You can switch up from regular milk to soy milk for your coffee, too.

    As for the pastries like cakes and cookies, they come from home bakers in the South. The mouthwatering cakes alone are masterpieces of their former chef.

    IMAGE from IMAGE from Exchange Alley

    Now you might ask the reason behind the name “Exchange Alley”—it’s a street in London where coffee shops are mostly located. They basically brought London to the Philippines, even the vibe.

    Anyone who particularly likes staying in cafes for hours would love the interior. Its industrial design with red and yellow accents just look very Instagrammable! The idea originally came from the coffee equipment as they received it prior to designing the place.

    What makes Exchange Alley extra unique is that it takes pride in being a cafe serving frozen treats. They were specifically inspired by Cremia Japan’s soft serves.

    For those in the South of Metro Manila looking for a coffee spot that offers both a great atmosphere and exceptional brews, Exchange Alley Coffee House is definitely worth a visit.

    General Information

  • Unit 3, Molito Lifestyle Bldg 7, Madrigal cor. Commerce Ave, Alabang, Muntinlupa
  • 809-1009
  • 0917-817-3697 / 0995-964-1272
  • 7 a.m. - 11 p.m.
  • drink@each.coffee
  • https://shop.each.coffee/
  • exchangealley/
  • each.coffee/
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