December 01, 2015

Ukokkei Japan: Affordable and heavenly ramen eats

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  • Ukokkei Japan lets us taste good quality ramen at an affordable price!

    Ukokkei (1)_web

    Ukokkei Japan in SM Megamall

     A lot of people love ramen specialties but since it’s a bit too costly, people would usually resort to the usual noodles which can be bought in convenience stores. But since Ukokkei Japan landed in the Philippine shores, it has now re-defined the ramen experience in the country.

    Shiro Original Ramen (Php 190)

    Tonkotsu Classic Tsukemen (Php 230 for regular, Php 260 for large)

    Owned by a Japanese, Ukokkei Japan is a ramen shop which offers good quality ramen at an affordable price. For as low as Php 190, you can get to taste a quality ramen that’s as authentic as it can get as if you’ve eaten one from Japan. One of their bestsellers on the menu is the Shiro Original Ramen, wherein you can taste the authentic flavors of this simple ramen dish. They use thin but firm noodles for their ramen in Ukokkei Japan.

    Gyoza (Php 140)

     What makes Ukokkei Japan worth visiting is that they’re located in a food court, so those who just want a quick bite of their ramen can do so. Visit them and get your dose of ramen goodness by Ukokkei Japan!

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