May 18, 2016

Kenshin Japanese Izakaya Restaurant Lets You Cook Your Own Okonomiyaki

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  • Chef Masa Arafuka has put up an izakaya or a gastro-pub that’s accessible to more people in Makati and is probably the closest thing to an authentic Japanese izakaya experience this side of Makati: Kenshin Japanese Izakaya Restaurant.

    Yamamori Karaage (Php 189 solo, Php 399 sharing)

    The food from Kenshin is as Japanese as it gets, especially the set meals priced at Php 298 with your choice of ramen with sides of either gyoza, karaage, curry rice, or sushi. Simply affordable and fulfilling!

    One of the unique gastronomic experience at Kenshin is their Okonomiyaki (Php 299), where you get on your table a stove, okonomiyaki pan, and ingredients to make it for yourself—your own way. The pan produces 16 big pieces of okonomiyaki, good for sharing the experience with friends and showing off your cooking skills.

    Make your own Okonomiyaki (Php 299/16pcs.)

    Gyoza (Php 149)

    Meanwhile, their Kenshin Buta Shogayaki also leaves an impression to meat lovers as the dish is made of grilled pork that’s been marinated in ginger sauce and served with plenty of vegetables, balancing the tempting dish.

    Kenshin Buta Shogayaki (Php 299) / IMAGE Kenshin Japanese Izakaya

    But that’s not the crazy part—the craziness starts when you look through their dessert and drinks menu. Kenshin serves your usual fanfare of izakaya drinks: shochu, umeshu (plum wine), beer, whisky, and, of course, sake.

    If you haven’t heard of a sake cocktail, it’s probably because it’s hardly done elsewhere but here.

    IMG_5907-watermarkedTHE COUNTER. If you’ve ever seen an izakaya in Japan, this is how their counter usually looks.

    There are six branches of Kenshin Japanese Izakaya Restaurant around Manila. Three of them are in Makati. These are in The Linear Makati along Mayapis St., in Beacon Makati along A. Arnaiz Ave., and inside Makati Central Square. 

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