August 04, 2023

Summer Cruise Diving Resort in Batangas: Offering Budget-friendly Diving Lessons and More

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  • Updated as of August 4, 2023.

    Looking to learning scuba diving without breaking the bank? Then you should visit Summer Cruise Diving Resort in Batangas!

    IMAGE from Summer Cruise Diving Resort

    Located in Brgy. Balite, San Luis, Batangas, this Japanese-owned dive resort offers budget-friendly underwater activities and lessons such as fishing, snorkeling, freediving, and underwater photography!

    Summer Cruise Diving Resort welcomes all scuba divers, from beginners to experts. The instructors, who are proficient in English and Japanese, are also professional, highly knowledgeable, and supportive of their students. The lessons are expertly taught from start to finish, allowing every student to absorb everything throughout each session.

    IMAGE from Summer Cruise Diving Resort

    For beginners, Summer Cruise Diving Resort offers Discovery Scuba Diving, which consists of three dives into the underwater world of San Luis, Batangas.

    For the more experienced divers, instructors teach Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Open Water Scuba Diving Certification, Introduction to Freediving, Snorkeling, and Underwater Photography lessons.

    Into the Deep

    IMAGE from Summer Cruise Diving Resort

    Here are the lessons and courses the dive resort offers:

    1. Free Diving Lesson: Php 1,500 + P350/head (day trip)
    2. Introductory Scuba Diving: Php 1,800 (beachfront) / Php 3,000 (boat dive) + Php 350/head (day trip)
    3. Open Water Certification: Php 15,800 (two days and one night)
    4.  Advanced Training Course: Php 15,800 (two days and one night)
    5. Emergecy First Response Course: Php 9,000 (half day course for CPR and first aid training)
    6. Dive Master Course: Php 40,000 (seven days) + Dive Master Membership fee ($ 58/year)

    Take note that there are no exams since the courses are designed to increase your knowledge while having fun.

    Aside from these underwater lessons, there are other activities you can enjoy here such as fishing (starts at Php 800/hr) and snorkeling (Php 350/head + Php 250 equipment rental/day).

    IMAGE from Summer Cruise Diving Resort

    Safety is Summer Cruise Diving Resort’s top priority, and they pride ourselves on maintaining a well-equipped and well-trained team to ensure that your diving experience is nothing short of secure and enjoyable. Plus, with their reasonable rates, you can experience the thrill of diving without breaking the bank.

    Don’t miss out on the chance to create lasting memories under the sea. Book your summer diving adventure now at Summer Cruise Diving Resort, where the beauty of the ocean awaits!

    Address: Brgy. Balite, San Luis, Batangas
    Contact number: 0969-241-7880
    Facebook: summercruiseresort
    Instagram: summercruiseresort

    Google Map:
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