June 05, 2024

Filipino-Japanese Actress Yana Sonoda Wins Miss Supranational Japan 2024

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  • Hello everyone! It’s Yana here! Continuing from my last post, I’m super excited to finally share some great news with you all! If you missed my previous post, you may also check it out here.

    But first, let me share with you my Miss Supranational 2024 journey! 🥰

    Miss Supranational Japan 2024 Results

    For those following me on social media, you might already know that the competition for Miss Supranational Japan 2024 was held on May 5 in Japan. Now, I’m thrilled to announce that I was chosen as Japan’s representative for the global stage! 🙊🎉

    I’ve participated in many beauty pageants for a long time, and thanks to everyone’s support and encouragement, I’ve finally become Japan’s representative for one of the world’s top five beauty contests, Miss Supranational Japan 2024.

    The other finalists were incredibly beautiful, intelligent, and charismatic, so I was honestly very nervous about this competition. However, I was confident that my hard work and experience would not let me down.

    I decided to give my best performance and enjoy every moment, ensuring I wouldn’t have any regrets. As a result, I won the competition! When I was chosen, I couldn’t hold back tears as memories of the journey and everyone who supported me flooded back. I’m so grateful! 

    After the Japan Competition

    To be honest, there hasn’t been a moment to rest since the Japan competition, but I am really excited as I prepare for the world competition. The global event involves about 20 days of training camp (June 16 to July 5), where media is always present.

    I have to be mindful of my fashion choices, ensuring I always look my best. I’ve had designers create outfits for the 20-day camp, and I’ve carefully selected the designs and fabrics for the preliminary judging and main event dresses.

    It’s a busy and challenging time leading up to the world competition, but I will represent Japan and give my all for the other participants who competed in the Japan competition. I aim to be in perfect condition to compete on the world stage without any regrets.

    My Goals and Passion

    However, my goal is not just to be Japan’s representative. I aim to win the world competition, so my journey continues! Friends often ask, “Why do you challenge yourself so much? Why do you work so hard?” It’s my passion, and I always want to keep challenging myself.

    A few years ago, I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and had surgery. It was a shocking experience, and facing mortality made me unable to pursue my dreams and goals. Without good health, you can’t chase dreams or make efforts. That’s why I feel fortunate to be healthy and able to work towards my dreams now.

    I want to become the world’s best in beauty contests, use my influence to spread the importance of health, and show those currently ill that with dreams and effort, you can move closer to your goals. This has become my passion.

    Miss Supranational 2024 World Competition

    The Miss Supranational world competition will be held on July 6, 2024, in Poland. I’ll be competing with representatives from around 80 countries. Representing Japan and competing against representatives from other countries brings immense pressure, but I’ll do my best, so please continue to support me.

    Miss Supranational World Competition App

    This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Miss Supranational world competition, and it seems they are more determined than ever. The Polish organizers of Miss Supranational have also released an app. I’d appreciate your support through the app.

    See you in the next column! Thank you!

    💕Love, Yana

    【About Yana】

    YANA SONODA (ヤナ・ソノダ)
    Talent Management Agency: VIVA ARTISTS AGENCY

    Born in the Philippines, Yana “Yuki” Sonoda moved to Japan at the age of 10. While in Japan, she continued dreaming of becoming an actress, simultaneously pursuing a degree in international business law at Rikkyo University and carving out her identity as a beauty queen.

    The half-Filipina, half-Japanese beauty queen initially attracted a lot of attention in the Philippines as she achieved the title of second runner-up in the Miss Universe Japan 2020 competition.

    Upon her return to Philippines in March 2022, Yana Sonoda was unstoppable in reaching her full potential. The young actress appeared in various prestigious events in the country and took on lead roles in notable films. As the industry continues to recognize her talents, Yana was given the title, “Breakthrough Artist of the Year”, proving her growing prominence and impact in the entertainment scene.

    Now, Yana signs with VIVA Artists Agency, Philippines’ top talent management agency, adding a new chapter to her flourishing career. 

    【YANA FUENTES’ Featured Films (AQ PRIME)】

    Starring: Yana Sonoda, Aljur Abrenica, Soliman Cruz

    Starring: Yana Sonoda, Ara Mina, Marcus Madrigal, Jaden Lim

    Stay tuned for Yana Sonoda’s blog series on Philippine Primer! Follow Yana Sonoda on her social media accounts and be part of her official fan club by visiting www.teamyana.com.

    Social Media Accounts
    Facebook: Yana Sonoda
    Instagram: @yukidusnd
    TikTok: @yanasonoda
    Twitter: @YanaSonoda
    Youtube: Yana Sonoda

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