May 30, 2024

Glico Brings Japan’s No.1 Almond Milk Goodness to PH

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  • Glico Brings Japan’s No.1 Almond Milk Goodness to PH
  • Japanese people convey their values best through the quality of their products. Every creation is approached with much finesse, mirroring their culture of having a strong sense of discipline and respect for excellent craftsmanship. A trait admired by the whole world, it is also evident even in the things they consume daily, including almond milk. 

    Glico Philippines proudly presents Almond Koka, which is the epitome of this enviable Japanese culture of craftmanship. Now in the Philippines and priding itself as Japan’s no. 1 almond milk brand, the goodness of Almond Koka comprising of quality taste and nutritional benefits awaits discovery. 

    IMAGE from Glico

    Versatile plant-based drink  

    Over the years, Filipinos have learned to diversify their milk choices and have been on the lookout for dairy-free options that provide both indulgence and health benefits. Glico, the makers of the globally loved brand Pocky, saw this as an opportunity to introduce Almond Koka to the country.

    Almond Koka is nothing like your typical and often bland almond milk. Made from 94% almond milk, the brand offers a rich and bold nutty flavor from baked quality almonds that results to a great aroma and creamy texture. 

    This makes Almond Koka a truly versatile plant-based beverage for Filipinos, as it effortlessly pairs well with various meals and beverages – adding extra flavor to these recipes. It’s just as full of goodness on its own!

    More than delicious

    While Glico’s Almond Koka offers the freedom of gastronomic enjoyment for pairing, crafting or on its own, it is also providing Filipinos with quality nutrition. Almond Koka meets 100% of the recommended daily Vitamin E requirement. It’s a good source of fiber and has zero cholesterol. This is on top of being soy-free and lactose-free, which makes it a great choice for those who with related allergy or who are lactose-intolerant.

    Every pack of Almond Koka is also meticulously produced with the Glico Quality System to provide the same Japanese quality and standard for the people of the Philippines.

    Almond Koka is available in three flavors: Unsweetened, Original, and Chocolate. The 1L SKU is available in Landers, Robinsons Supermarket, The Marketplace, Shopwise, Landmark, Waltermart, Metro Gaisano, Mitsukoshi, and other leading supermarkets. The 180ml Original and Chocolate flavors, on the other hand, are available in 7-Eleven stores.

    So if you’re looking for a delicious drink to enjoy or your lifestyle calls for a better alternative, now is the time to discover the #AlmondKokaGoodness. 

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    For all press and media inquiries, contact Glico Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Regional Corporate Communications Manager Claire Ho or email

    For consumer and product inquiries, contact Glico Philippines Consumer Hotline at (+632) 8464-1105 or email


    About Glico

    On February 11, 2022, the Glico Group celebrated the 100th year of its founding. In 1922, Glico’s nutritious Glico caramel in its distinctive red box first hit the shelves of a department store. Headquartered in Japan, Glico has since expanded into Asia Pacific, European, and North American markets with the aspiration to stay true to its founding spirit of enhancing people’s health through food.

    Led by its well-loved confectionary brands such as Pocky, Pretz, and Pejoy, Glico has now expanded its portfolio to include ice cream products, baby formula, milk products, desserts, food ingredients, and raw materials for cosmetic and health products. Its health and wellness offerings such as the SUNAO range of zero sucrose, low carbohydrate food products and Almond Koka almond milk are gaining popularity outside of Japan after becoming a hit in its domestic market.

    About Almond Koka

    Japan’s #1 almond milk brand is now in the Philippines! Almond Koka is produced from high-quality almonds sourced from the United States and Australia. It is rich in Vitamin E, a good source of Fiber, and is 0% cholesterol. Discover Goodness with every delicious sip of Almond Koka- available in 1L Original, Unsweetened, and Chocolate. 

    For inquiries regarding distributors, please contact the Glico Philippines Consumer Hotline at (+632) 8464-1105 or email

    Their Distributor

    Office Address: 917 Banawe St., Barangay Manresa, Quezon City

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