July 22, 2021

Clark International Airport Terminal 2 Sets to Open This Year, World-Class Features Unveiled

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  • Clark International Airport Terminal 2 Sets to Open This Year, World-Class Features Unveiled
  • Despite the pandemic, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) remains aggressive and determined to finish all the work under the BBB (Build Build Build) program led by Secretary Arthur Tugade.

    With 343 days left before the new administration takes over the seats, the DOTr keeps pushing forward to surpass their limit in order to fulfill their duties and responsibilities ahead of time. 

    In fact, many of the finished projects such as LRT-2 East Extension, Skyway 3 Stage 3, and Bike Lanes are now available for the public to use.

      Inspection/IMAGE from the Department of Transportation

    Last week, Sec. Tugade, along with President Rodrigo Duturte, inspected one of the biggest projects of the year: the Clark International Airport (CRK) Terminal 2, which sets to open soon. 

    With its newest features and state-of-the-art facilities, the CRK Terminal 2 is aiming to be the “Asia’s Next Premier Gateway.”


    During the event, President Duturte was pleased to announce the great news for all Filipinos while citing their effort, hard work, and dedication to provide excellent public service.    

    “This structure before us reflects the administration’s unyielding commitment to improve the quality of life of every Filipino by providing big-ticket infrastructure projects such as this [CRK Terminal 2] that will improve connectivity, mobility, create jobs, and spur economic activity in the regions,” Duterte said.   

    Contactless check-in and check-out area/IMAGE from the Department of Transportation

    According to Sec. Tugade, the Clark’s Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) is equipped with contactless baggage handling, passenger check-ins, and check-outs, and an ordering system that will make air travel experience more convenient.

    “I commend the DOTr and the BCDA, and all our partners in the private sector for this massive achievement. We are thankful that this major component of this administration’s ‘BUILD, BUILD, BUILD’ program is ready for the benefit of the people,” Duterte added.

    Moreover, the completion of CRK Terminal 2 can accommodate approximately 12.2 million passengers in a full swing, which is expected to triple the numbers compared to 4.2 million passengers from previous years (before the pandemic).  


    “I am happy to be standing before you today that my dreaming is over. This is now a reality waiting to be used. This facility is filled with features, many of which had been unthinkable in the Republic of the Philippines, in the history of this country,” Tugade said.

    Contactless baggage handling/IMAGE from the Department of Transportation

    Tugade also highlighted the many firsts in the country’s airport history that redefined the air-travel journey such as gender-inclusive and PWD-friendly restrooms, an advanced docking guidance system, and a Heroes Lounge for soldiers, police officers, and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). 


    “This is one facility by the Build, Build, Build team that we can truly be proud of, not only as a Kapampangan but most importantly as a citizen of the country,” Tugade said.  

    Aside from its world-class facilities and bigger capacity, the CRK Terminal 2 will also have a multiplier effect on the country’s economy.   

    IMAGE from the Department of Transportation

    Tugade cited that project will boost a lot of jobs not only in the transportation sector but likewise in the hospitality and tourism industries. He added that over 1,600 Filipinos were employed during the construction phase of the airport.   


    On the other hand, Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) CEO and President Vince Dizon commended the efficiency and urgency of DOTr, especially the CRK’s new PTB as it was completed beyond its deadline amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    IMAGE from the Department of Transportation

    Despite of all challenges of the pandemic, in only three years, Mr. President, despite the surge of COVID-19, this truly world-class airport is nowhere for every Filipino to enjoy,” Dizon said.  

    As the project continues, the CRK will be soon connected to the Philippine National Railways (PNR) Clark station that will allow passengers from Metro Manila to reach the airport in just 55 minutes.

    Source: Department of Transportation 

    Written by Cedie Salido

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