January 12, 2021

2021 Annual Report for Foreign Nationals Commences

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  • 2021 Annual Report for Foreign Nationals Commences
  • The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is reminding all foreign nationals in the country to file their annual report (AR) until March 1.

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    This reporting of resident foreigners within the first sixty (60) days of every calendar year is mandated by the 1950 Alien Registration Act.

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    Noncompliance may result in imposition of fines, imprisonment, or deportation. Aliens who do not report their presence and pay their annual fee for several years would mean automatic cancellation of their Alien Certificate of Registration Identity-Card (ACR I-Card), which would consequently categorize them as undocumented.

    To comply with the health safety protocols against the COVID-19 virus, Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente assured that they have put safeguards in place to ensure minimized contact during the filing process. He added that the agency has also ordered that common areas be regularly sanitized and disinfected, and to ensure that social distancing is strictly observed. All employees conducting AR are also reminded to wear their face masks and face shields while on duty.


    Commissioner Jaime Morente /IMAGE from the Bureau of Immigration website

    Meanwhile, BI stated that online appointment is currently serving very limited slots. New slots are automatically opened on the next available working day every Monday to Friday at 12:00 a.m., as stated in the BI’s website. Liaison officers and legal representatives are exempted from using the Online Appointment System starting November 5, 2020. Embassy personnel and persons endorsed by foreign embassies are exempted from using the online appointment system. They are, however, only be accommodated from 2:00 p.m. onward.

    Aside from the BI main office in Intramuros, Manila, aliens may also report to the nearest participating BI field, satellite or extension office in their localities.

    BI Alien Registration Division Chief Atty. Jose Carlitos Licas said that aliens who are out of the country during the 60-day period can still make the report within 30 days from the date of their return to the country, so long as their re-entry permits are still valid.  He furthered that they must present their original ACR I-Card and valid passport as well as pay a Php 300-annual report fee and Php 10-legal research fee. For aliens below 14, their parent or guardian can file the report for them. Senior citizens and persons with disabilities are exempted from personal appearance and may file through a representative with a Special Power of Attorney.

    For questions, information, and further announcements, visit www.immigration.gov.ph.

    Source: Bureau of Immigration, Republic of the Philippines Facebook page

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