March 27, 2020

FDA Allows Use of Electronic Prescription During ECQ

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  • In light of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has now allowed drug-dispensing establishments to sell prescription and maintenance drugs using an electronic prescription.

    The FDA issued Circular No. 2020-007 which contains the guidelines that will address the challenge for patients to get the necessary prescription and maintenance drugs.

    IMAGE FDA official website

    Under the circular, all licensed physicians are authorized to issue electronic prescriptions via e-mail or any alternative electronic document acceptable.

    The guidelines require the prescriptions to bear the name of the individual to whom the medicines or drugs are prescribed, the name of the medicine, the dosage, and other important matters similar to a written prescription. The e-prescription should also contain the digital signature, name, license number, and Professional Tax Receipt of the physician.

    However, all physicians are asked to issue separate prescriptions for all anti-biotics, anti-infectives, and or anti-viral preparations.

    These electronic prescriptions under the Circular will be deemed as an equivalent to a written prescription and should be recognized by all drugstores, pharmacies, and similar establishments.

    Do note that all prescriptions containing antibiotics, anti-infectives, and anti-viral prescriptions will only be valid for one (1) week after the issuance. Also remember that the actual presence of the individual vulnerable to COVID-19 is not required and an authorized representative may purchase the medicine on their behalf.

    If the patient is a Person with Disability (PWD) or a senior citizen, the electronic prescription must be presented along with a letter of authorization (with the signature of the individual) and their identification card.

    This Circular will take effect until the imposed quarantine is lifted.

    To read Circular No. 2020-007 in its entirety, you may visit the FDA’s official websiteFor more information, you may also visit the FDA’s official Facebook page.

    Images grabbed from FDA’s official website. 

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