February 17, 2020

LTFRB: Pets Are Now Allowed Inside PUVs

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  • Good news, fur parents! You can now bring your pets with you while commuting because the Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board (LTFRB) now allows pets to be transported onboard public utility vehicles (PUVs) as per the newly amended memorandum.

    LTFRB’s Memorandum Circular No. 2020-003 titled “Supplemental Guidelines Allowing Pet Animals inside PUVs under MC 2019-019” stated that pet animals such as cats and dogs are now allowed “to be loaded/transported on public utility vehicles” effective February 10.

    These PUVs includes buses, jeeps, UV Express Service, and P2P buses.

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    #GoodNews Monday! With the help of LTFRB, our beloved PETS ARE NOW ALLOWED onboard PUVs SAFELY AND COMFORTABLY. Last…

    Rep. Ronnie Ongさんの投稿 2020年2月9日日曜日

    The said amendment is brought by the negative reactions from several animal advocates on MC 2019-019, which first stated that pets should be put in designated animal compartments of PUVs. The petition to revise and amend the memo was passed in December. 

    In the newly amended memorandum, LTFRB laid out new guidelines for passengers aside from the conditions already stipulated in MC 2019-019:

    1. Pet animals must be put in a cage or animal carrier free from foul odor.
    2. Passenger-owner must see to it that pets must wear an animal diaper to maintain cleanliness and sanitation during the journey.
    3. Small to medium-sized dogs are allowed in PUVS. Those large and giant dogs, on the other hand, shall not be allowed. You may see the list of dogs with its corresponding size at the annex of the memorandum here.
    4. Pets inside the carrier or cage must be beside the passenger-owner and must pay the corresponding fare the same as that of the paying passenger per seat occupied.

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    For any issues or concerns, you may contact LTFRB Complaints Hotline at 02-8529-7111 local 821 or follow their Facebook page for updates.

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