September 10, 2019

GLOBIS University Is Changing How You Learn Business Management

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  • Emerging technologies are changing the way businesses operate, with innovation as the driving force in the workplace. GLOBIS University equips new business leaders with the necessary skill sets through innovative MBA courses that meet the needs of the modern workplace.

    The evolving business environment needs to be matched with a revolutionized MBA education answering the needs of today’s leaders as they operate in a technology-driven world. MBA schools like GLOBIS have foreseen the potential of a connected world.

    IMAGE grabbed from GLOBIS

    Japan’s largest business school has taught over 6,000 MBA alumni from all walks of life through hands-on mentorship and industry-standard entrepreneurship programs globally, including Filipino Rod Enriquez, the first student in the part-time MBA program.

    In September 2019, GLOBIS conducted a series of events to further introduce the courses of their Graduate School of Management to the up-and-coming businessmen in the Philippines.

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    GLOBIS University offers Full-time, Part-time, and Online MBA education for the global student. Leveraging on both the physical and digital platform to deliver education, the university gives students the option to either come to school or participate in online classes.

    “At GLOBIS, we see an opportunity for innovative disruption in MBA education, which has remained almost the same ever since,” shares Yoshito Hori, Founder and President of GLOBIS. “GLOBIS started looking at opportunities for innovative disruption.”

    GLOBIS Founder and President Yoshito Hori

    Their MBA education touches on modern concepts involving technology-enabled business models, social media, and cybersecurity alongside the business staples like finance, marketing, and management.

    This is fully apparent in their Technovate—a combination of “technology” and “innovation”—course series that highlight the new role of business leaders in the 21st century, who must combine technological capability with an innovative mindset.

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    Sven Van Stichel, Account Leader of Overseas Sales and Marketing led the media roundtable last week

    GLOBIS offers year-round promos, participates in MBA fairs, and conducts multiple trial classes in the Philippines and all over the world to make students more aware of the courses they offer.

    To find out more about MBA courses at GLOBIS, visit

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