November 01, 2018

LOOK: Starbucks Planner 2019 Is Finally Here!

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  • It’s that time of the year again to splurge on Starbucks drinks–the most-awaited Starbucks Planner 2019 is finally here, coming in two colors: Espresso and Milk. Stationery-lovers will undoubtedly love the design, all thanks to the cute metallic artwork stamped on the cover.

    Canvas pouches are making a comeback this year, with the Espresso cover coming with the yellow pouch, and the Milk cover getting the teal pouch.

    We know it’s difficult to decide which one to get but you don’t need to choose just one. Collect more stickers to get all four!Here's a look at our 2019 Starbucks Planner and Travel Organizer! #StarbucksChristmasPH

    Starbucks Philippinesさんの投稿 2018年10月28日日曜日

    And have we mentioned that this year also features a travel organizer? It also comes in two adorable colors: Sienna and Dark Teal. You can also use these travel organizers as bullet journals or for random doodles as they feature dot grid and unlined papers. Now you can separate your wanderlust desires from your day-to-day plans!

    These lovely journals will include a leather-finish organizer for your phone, earphones, pen, money, cards, among other important travel essentials.

    All four gets one free limited edition Starbucks card.

    How to get one: 

    Upon ordering, baristas will automatically ask you if you want to collect stickers, and they will provide you with a promo card for free. Stickers will be stamped on the promo card.

    IMAGE Starbucks Philippines

    To claim a planner or travel organizer, customers have to collect 18 stickers rewarded from every Tall, Grande, or Venti Starbucks handcrafted beverage purchase. You may also buy at least Php 7,000 worth of food and other Starbucks retail products in a single receipt. Note that buying gift certificates and loading your Starbucks Card are not included in the promotion.

    You cannot transfer the stickers once they’re pasted on your promo card, but you may combine two promo cards to claim your chosen planner or travel organizer, provided that you’ve collected 18 stickers.

    It may be really hard to choose between the four stunning notebooks–but who says you only have to choose one? Continue collecting stickers, and you might just get it all!

    The promotion starts this November 2, 2018, and ends on January 7, 2019, while redemption is until March 8, 2019.

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    For more information about this promotion, visit the Starbucks Philippines official Facebook page or their website at

    Images from Starbucks Philippines 

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