October 07, 2019

Ruby Jack’s in City of Dreams Launches New Menu

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    Dry-aged beef is beef that has been hung or placed on a rack to dry for several weeks. Primal cuts are placed in a climate-controlled cooler. The process changes the beef in two ways: moisture is evaporated from the muscle and the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue of the muscle. Resulting in a greater concentration of beef flavor and taste as well as a more tender beef. Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar from Tokyo has dry aged beef upon availability and a new menu we got to taste.

    Chef Matthew Crabbe, co-owner and founder of Ruby Jack’s, visited their branch at City of Dreams Manila last week to introduce the new menu that is going to rock the world of all meat lovers and foodies.

    The lunch began with starters of salads and sausages. In keeping with the tradition of meats, they served the Lamb and Pork RJ Made Sausages in Onion Sauce (Php 450) that is made from scratch. Their Ruby’s Ceasar Salad (Php 600), whereas, was presented very interestingly with finely grated cheese atop crunchy veggies—matching the summery vibe of the country with its lightness and sweetness.

    We then went on to the cheesy and tender 45-day dry aged Australian Prime Rib (Php 900 per 100 g), whose texture lies somewhere between melt-in-your-mouth and juicy-chewy-goodness, perfect for anyone who likes to eat steak. The sauce that Ruby Jacks served with the meat made each piece interesting and exciting to devour.

    45-Day Dry Aged Australian Prime Rib has the right amount of fat and meat 

    Finally, they also served us plenty of desserts to enjoy. The name of the restaurant was embodied in two very different celebration cakes: the light and fruity cake, Ruby is made of Japanese chiffon with a meringue layer and light mousse topped with fruits and covered in torched Italian meringue and the chocolate decadent Jack, which is a chocolate moist cake with a ganache filling, decorated in meringue kisses, brownies, and chocolate butter icing. They also introduced Peach Agar (Php 400) of strawberry rice wine with preserved Lemon Sorbet.

    Ruby is part of Ruby Jack’s celebration cakes to promote the restaurant as a venue for all types of festivities for families and friends

    With this new menu with more choices and even more dishes created with the exquisite taste in mind, Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse and Bar is stepping into the light to promote the best steaks and chops.

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