April 05, 2018

Dinner in the Sky is launched and we got answers to your questions

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  • Dinner in the Sky Philippines has officially launched to the sky last April 3 at Solaire and will run only for two months. This one-of-a-kind novelty restaurant service has been brought to the country from Belgium through a partnership with MMI Live and Solaire Resort and Casino.

    As we have previously shared on a separate blog that outlines basically all you need to know, Dinner in the Sky is a culinary adventure on a whole new level and a rare experience that should be in everybody’s bucket list.

    We know there are some questions rambling around in your head right now. To settle your mind, we got the answers to the top three questions which we ourselves had before coming to Dinner in the Sky!

    Is it scary? Can people with a fear of heights do it?

    I, myself, have an extreme fear of heights and my answer is a big YES! Yes, it is scary. But also yes, people with a fear of heights definitely can—and should—do it.

    The only scary part is the blood-curdling, suspenseful wait once you’ve settled on your seat, just bracing yourself until the take-off. But the lift is rather smooth you wouldn’t even realize that you’re already 150-feet above the ground unless, of course, you look down. It’s like all the ravens clawing in my stomach had all been left down there, and all I felt was butterflies sprinkling pure awe.

    The chairs can be rotated and leaned back. Those with fear of heights need not worry because the chairs don’t easily turn or recline unless you exert a bit of effort, so don’t be afraid to move or rest your back on the chair. Most especially, don’t hold yourself from looking around. Look at the sun setting, look at the city’s skyscrapers, look at the bay. It’s a very beautiful view and you only have one hour to savor the moment. If you have fear of heights, just don’t look directly down and you’ll be fine—please, please enjoy the view.

    Is it worth the price?

    10 grand sure is not a small price for a dinner. But Dinner in the Sky is not your ordinary supper, one that not even a rooftop restaurant can hold a candle to. It’s a kind of event worth bringing the most important people in your life to.

    It is a rare chance to be having dinner on an open-air dining set being hoisted by a crane. The scenery is also priceless; you get to appreciate a different picture of Manila, one where the breeze is so cool and calming and the colors of the horizon span longer than you imagined.

    You are paying not only for a top class meal but also for the novelty of the experience, all the memories worth looking back to every now and then, not to mention the bragging rights and a bunch of Instagram-worthy snaps that you’ll be getting.

    Is the food good?

    Chef Hylton Le Roux of Waterside restaurant in Solaire prepared the dinner for the first batch of diners last April 3.

    The main course of the night: Cuban Style Slow Cooked Pork Belly

    Yes! In our experience with Chef Hylton Le Roux of Solaire’s Waterside restaurant, the food wasn’t the only thing delectable. The chef himself was an adorable companion on the platform.

    Dinner in the Sky takes you closer not only to the sky but also to a world-class chef that you would normally only get glimpses of in the restaurant kitchen. You watch him work his wonders on his dishes, with only two assistants, serving dishes efficiently to 22 people on the platform. You get to ask him about the food, and he ever so enthusiastically talks about each dish and why it is so delicious.

    Chef Hylton’s menu is mainly composed of Peruvian dishes with options of meat, seafood, or vegetarian for the main course. For pork lovers, the main dish Cuban Style Slow Cooked Pork Belly is one that has exceeded expectations. The pork belly meat is so juicy and tender that it could embrace the heart and relieve it of any stress. It’s topped with homemade chicharrones (fried pork skin) which adds some texture to the otherwise soft meat.

    Other featured chefs to are Director for Culinary Arts of the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) Chef Kenneth Cacho, Michelin-star Chef Yves Mattagne of Sea Grill in Brussels, Belgium, Chef Alan Marchetti of Finestra, and Chef Norimasa Kosaka of Yakumi. Each chef has a specially prepared menu with a bit of surprise.

    An Economy Class (four-course dinner) is priced at Php 9,990. You may also opt for upgraded and premium menus, Business Class at Php 14,990 and First Class at Php 24,990. The detailed menu of each chef is available at the Dinner in the Sky Philippines website.

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    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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