March 24, 2018

Dinner in the Sky Philippines should be in everybody’s bucket list!

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  • Starting April 3, 2018, everybody’s love for food will be heightened—quite literally—as Belgium-based novelty dining provider Dinner in the Sky conquers Manila, bringing a dining experience that the Philippines has never seen before.

    Dinner in the Sky is a world-renowned restaurant service that started in Belgium in 2016, introducing the unique concept of open-air dining above the city. It has conquered over 45 cities all over the world, including Las Vegas, Dubai Marina, Villa Borghese in Rome, and Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. This year, Dinner in the Sky Asia is finally bringing the experience to Manila, made possible by its partnership with MMI Live and Solaire Resort and Casino where the sky dining events will be held.

    Culinary adventure on a whole new level

    You have probably dined at a rooftop restaurant, but that’s far from the exhilaration that awaits up there. By up there we mean 150 feet above the ground, where your dining set is hoisted by a crane. You sit on a roller coaster-like seat—and we say roller coaster not to frighten you but to reassure you that the whole mechanism follows the same safety standards, enforced by German engineering and safety experts. There will be safety seatbelts, and the chef and crew are secured by safety harnesses as they prepare your food.

    A rare experience worth every buck

    A Dinner in the Sky Economy Class package is priced at Php 9,990. The package consists of a four-course exclusive dinner prepared by one of the featured chefs: Director for Culinary Arts of the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) Chef Kenneth Cacho, Michelin-star Chef Yves Mattagne of Sea Grill in Brussels, Belgium, and Solaire Resort and Casino’s very own Chef Alan Marchetti of Finestra, Chef Hylton Le Roux of Waterside, and Chef Norimasa Kosaka of Yakumi. The chefs have specially curated menus that feature various world cuisines and can cater to vegetarian and health-conscious individuals.

    As you indulge in world-class food, you can also revel in the view of Manila Bay and Makati skyline. Good music and refreshing evening breeze perfectly complement the whole scenery.

    The best reason to set fear of heights aside

    If you’ve never ridden a roller coaster because of your fear of heights, this is going to be a good stepping stone to overcoming your fear. Just think it as the gracious version, as you’re not going to be driven in loops at 100mph. Instead, you’re going to be taken up smoothly, lulled by music and the aroma of food, as well as tranquil views of the ocean and the city. These are more than enough to calm your nerves. The beauty of the experience offsets any kind of fear.

    Two months to grab this rare opportunity

    This is no April Fools joke! There’s going to be a crane and dining table set up at the Esplanade at Solaire Resort and Casino, which will take diners closer to the sky starting on April 3.  It will initially only run for two months until May 21. You can already start booking at

    The Dinner in the Sky platform can accommodate guests above 13 years old and with a minimum 145-cm height and maximum 150-kg weight. People with mild disabilities and in wheelchairs can also experience Dinner in the Sky, as long as the condition and specific needs are specified and assessed before making a reservation.

    If you’re booked, you have to register at the Dinner in the Sky Lounge at least one hour before the scheduled event. The dining experience takes one hour. You are free to bring your camera phones and digital cameras so you can capture the moment, but bringing big camera equipment is highly discouraged.

    Dinner in the Sky Manila

    Dinner In The Sky Philippines has kicked off! The best experience in town to create wonderful memories with your friends and family. Get your seats NOW:

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    For more information, check out Dinner in the Sky Philippines website or like them on Facebook.

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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