March 27, 2018

Welcome Aussie Grapes this April with Taste Australia

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  • Australia, at least for Filipinos, is known for one of two things when it comes to food: beef and wine. We got a full taste of what you can do if you’ve got access to good Aussie beef.

    This year, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) is bringing Filipinos something different: fresh produce under the name Taste Australia. and they’re starting with Australian grapes, the key ingredient in world-class wines from Australia.

    There are Aussie grapes in this photo, and it’s not just in the glass. The kilawin or Filipino ceviche gets revamped with red Aussie grapes instead of red chili.

    Australian grapes are already a popular choice in Southeast Asian countries. The Red Globe, in particular, is a favorite because the individual berries are quite big, round, and come in large, conical, and well-filled bunches.

    BEFORE THE COOK-UP. Australian Ambassador Gorely’s personal chef, Chef Edwin (center) and Chef Dave of Bondi & Burke talk about integrating Australian grapes in their demo dishes.

    MAHI-MAHI KILAWIN. Chef Dave chose mahi-mahi or common dolphinfish for his kilawin.

    BLUE MARLIN KILAWIN. Chef Edwin, on the other hand, chose blue marlin for his kilawin.

    Media and traders were treated to a taste of Australian grapes when the campaign was launched last March 22 at the Australian Ambassador’s residence in Makati City. On the menu that night was kilawin, the Filipino version of ceviche, a meat pie, and steak — all given a twist using Australian grapes.

    Taste Australia is an initiative developed by Horticulture Innovation Australia to promote premium Australian produce overseas. Developed through a consultation with different horticulture industries (including Horticulture Innovation Australia), Taste Australia looks to give countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the UAE a taste of fresh produce from Australia’s farms.

    Expect a deluge of Aussie grapes this April as Taste Australia will be introducing one of Australia’s best exports in major supermarkets like Rustan’s, Shopwise, S&R, and SM Supermarket.

    Want to know what Taste Australia is up to? Follow them on Facebook (Taste Australia – Philippines) and Instagram (@tasteaustraliaph).

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