November 23, 2017

BGC Arts Center unveils 6 ArtBGC 2017 murals by local and foreign artists

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  • BGC Arts Center unveils 6 ArtBGC 2017 murals by local and foreign artists
  • Adorned with monumental and larger-than-life wall murals, Bonifacio Global City is proving itself once again to be a living museum of contemporary art and a modern-day mecca for urban art enthusiasts.

    Find where these new ArtBGC murals are in BGC!

    On November 22, Wednesday, the BGC Arts Center held an exclusive BGC bus tour of six new Art BGC murals around the residential-commercial district. The mural tour was not about how BGC is now an even more colorful lifestyle community or a bigger Instagram haven. It’s about the pure appreciation of art and sharing the passion of the artists behind them.

    Artists John Paul Antido, Patrick Fernandez, and Janica Rina joined the ArtBGC 2017 launch on November 22.

    Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines Junior Manager Chris Choi talks about “Beyond Borders, Peaceful Voyage,” an ASEAN-ROK collaborative graffiti painting.

    For an art lover, finding the murals uncover as the bus approaches each work of art is heartwarming. And listening to the artists themselves talk about their work is touching, almost tearjerking. In fact, you don’t have to be an art aficionado to appreciate their story and their art.

    FOR THE PEOPLE: GATES OF PARADISE at BGC Bus Depot. A symbolic representation of the development of technology in our society by Palimpsest artists Miles Villanueva, Aids Mariñas, Steven Bruce, and Leny Leonor.

    TREE HOUSE at Bonidacio High Street B2 Portal. A contrasting image of rural homes in this highly-urban community by Jerson Samson and Janica Rina assisted by Chris Andujar Villegas and Jaypee Samson.

    THE WAY HOME at One Parkade. Mural by Baguio-born artist Solana L. Perez inspired by the parking areas at Wright Park in Baguio where horses, not cars, are parked.

    Each mural depicts a unique theme rooted in the artists’ experiences, dreams, passions, home, perceptions of technology and the everyday life. The artists, which hail from different provinces, worked on the murals together for at least a week, hand-painting every detail with no other tool besides their paint and paintbrush.

    DATING TAGPUAN at C3 Annex, Bonifacio High Street Central. Witness two lovers meet in this mural by artists John Paul Antido, Raymond Vidal, Antonio Areola Jr., Shannah Orencio, Pogs Samson, Gab Baez, Red Salonga, and Fiona Helena.

    KAPIT KAMAY at C3 Annex, Bonifacio High Street Central. Passing on the legacy of art to the next generation, Biskeg Pangasinan Artist Collective created this mural, headed by Patrick Fernandez.

    One mural, initiated by the Korean Cultural Center, also features a collaboration between local talents and artists from South Korea and ASEAN countries to represent friendship and harmony beyond borders.

    BEYOND BORDERS, PEACEFUL VOYAGE on 26th Street corner 5th Avenue. Find different symbols of ASEAN countries unified in one mural by artists Younggyun, Nam, Siyeong, Sunil, Auggie, Bunga, Bows, Haha, Perol, Pesey, Ariff, Cyrus, Zero, Miguel, and Nemo.

    As part of the Champions of Passion: Soulful Feats of Art happening this weekend, there will be a free Murals Hunt via hop-on-hop-off bus and walking tours on November 25, Saturday, at 4 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. and on November 26, Sunday, at 4 p.m. The BGC Arts Center is also giving away special Art Tokens to individuals who can find and upload all of the murals on Instagram! Remember: it’s about the art, so make sure you know the name of the artwork and the artist behind it.

    You can hear about the story of each mural through the videos uploaded to the Arts at BGC Facebook page.

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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