March 11, 2017

Total number of Philippine Islands is now 7,641

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  • Total number of Philippine Islands is now 7,641
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     NOW 7,641. Philippines now has 534 new islands.

    In a speech delivered by Environment Secretary Ramon Paje at the Philippine Environment Summit, a project by the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) tells that the Philippines now has 7,641 islands for official count.

    Previously, the country was known to have 7,107 but the research showed that there are over 500 new islands through a mapping system used by NAMFRIA. According to a report from CNN Philippines, Paje said that some of the islands were not on the Philippine map before. He then enumerated the reasons about this newly-found islands, such as the old technology used before to detect land masses, changing land forms, and improved detection through a high resolution data.

    Following this new information which was made possible by Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar, a new map that includes the new islands and islets shall be released.

    Source: CNN Philippines, NAMFRIA

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