January 02, 2017

A Guide to Choosing Your Car for Philippine Roads

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  • We’re all familiar with the nightmare that is Philippine roads; from the array of side streets packed with double-parked vehicles to the near-parking lot that is EDSA, everyone has gone through the troubles of going through Manila’s streets.

    While we would suggest using public transport, it’s not as reliable as it ought to be. Improvements are on the way, but it might not be an option for someone who’s always on-the-go. This leaves you with two options: hire a driver with a car to take you around, or get your own.

    Buying a car in the Philippines usually involves getting a loan, but we’ll explain that in a future article. Right now, we’re here to help you choose what type of car you should get for when you decide to drive on Philippine roads, especially in Metro Manila.

    Sedan: A match for Manila’s roads

    If you’re an expat looking to stay within the city, a sedan is your best choice. Its size makes it a good match for most of Manila’s tight streets. Out of all the types of cars we’ll show here, it fares the best when it comes to fuel economy, a must for when you’re frustrated with Manila’s traffic.


    Mitsubishi’s Mirage and Mirage G4 are great options for your first sedan. These lightweight, compact sedans give the best bang for your fuel buck, capable of giving you up to 21 kilometers per liter of gas. They’re also not that hard to maneuver thanks to their size.

    Trunk space won’t be a problem with either model, as both have ample trunk space for daily drives around the city. The Mirage’s hatchback design gives you 235 liters of trunk space which can be expanded by simply folding the rear seats.

    The Mirage G4, on the other hand, gives you plenty of room for all your stuff with its 450-liter trunk, perfect for those busy businessmen who need to bring everything they need for that day.

    SUV: The rugged all-rounder

    Pick-up trucks are good for long-hauls, but they’re not fun to drive in the city. Sedans are great for city driving, but not really the best for long-haul drives. When you’re stuck in this much of a rut, it’s time to get a sport utility vehicle, or SUV.


    SUVs are what you’d get if you’re someone who likes an adventure or someone who’s looking for a lot of legroom. They’re ridiculously flexible, with some of them being able to change from a two-wheel drive set-up (perfect for city driving) to multiple four-wheel drive options.

    One of the best SUVs you can get in the Philippines is Mistubishi’s new Montero Sport. It’s perfect for all kinds of terrain and driving conditions thanks to its Super Select 4WD-II with Off-road mode. Go from city driving to tackling the roughest of terrains with a simple turn of a dial.

    For more information on the Mitsubishi Mirage, Mirage G4, or the Montero Sport, visit Mitsubishi Motors Philippines’ official website, mmpc.ph, or find a dealer near you.

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