November 16, 2016

Make your bath smell like ramen with these ramen-scented bath powders

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    If you’re one of those people who finds comfort in eating ramen, then this might just be the answer to all your cravings! Village Vanguard, a Japanese novelty gift shop, has recently released a bath powder that smells Now you can submerge yourself in a tub that smells just like your favorite Japanese food.

    These bath powders come in a packaging that resembles the soup packets you get when making ramen. It also comes in different other scents and flavors. Some of these include: miso soup, gyudon, yakisoba, curry, and jjigae (Korean-style hotpots). These powders are then sprinkled into the the water, so as to create a “broth-like appearance”.


    The bath powders cost 324 yen which is about 147.21 pesos when converted.

    While taking a bath in these ramen may seem and smell appetizing, these bath powders are not edible. So if you want to eat ramen while bathing in ramen-scented water, then you probably should just make yourself a bowl of the delicious soup before hopping in the tub.

    Get these ramen-scented bath powders here.


    Source: Investopedia, Refinery29

    Photos were grabbed from Ufunk.



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