January 06, 2016

It’s National Tempura Day!

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    TEMPURA FOREVER AND EVER. Celebrate National Tempura Day on your favorite Japanese restaurants – who knows, you might get a big discount! Photo grabbed from nationaldays.net

    Today, we celebrate the day of our most loved Japanese food—Tempura! Although today is a remarkable day for all of us tempura lovers, sadly it’s not a recognized holiday. But hey, who says we can’t celebrate this very special occasion? Why not go to restaurants which serve the best tasting tempuras?

    But before you daydream about that, here are some interesting facts you should know about the mighty and all-time favorite deep fried delicacy.

    1.  History of Tempura

    The origin of Tempura traces back to the 1600s, wherein it was introduced to Japan by Portuguese Jesuit missionaries. (Thanks for this great food, Portuguese!)

    2. Our apologies, meat and chicken

    Did you ever wonder why only sea foods and veggies are only used for tempura? This is because when frying tempura, the texture tends to be airy.

    3. Revolutionize Tempura

    But wait, there’s more – although meats and chicken can’t be “tempura-fied”, there have been experiments made that use traditional ingredients in making tempura sweets. Some of these are tempura ice cream and tempura gummy candies. Yum!

    4. Tempura anytime, anywhere

    Along the streets of Japan, you can see eateries and stores dedicated to serving Tempura only. These stores are called Tempura-ya and you should try it sometime when you go to Japan.

    5. Mix and Match

    Did you know that you can pair up tempura with Soba noodles? Yup, it actually tastes good. Aside from rice, why not mix it with other dishes? Who knows, it might actually taste even better.

    Do you know any other interesting Tempura facts not listed above? Share it with us!




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