February 28, 2017

Gift Idea Series: All Ye Gents

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  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

    …or not, if you are behind your Christmas shopping. Yikes!

    Double yikes if you find it doubly difficult to think of the perfect gift for the men in your life. With all the sweet, cutesy and sparkly little trinkets out of the list, what else is there to give aside from that usual Nirvana t-shirt?

    Fight the urge to around like a headless chicken. Primer Magazine advices you to ACT COOL and check out our list of seven possible presents for the gentlemen:

    An NBA 2K15


    Source: http://espn.go.com/

    Holiday appeal: …or any video game related to the following: sports, cars, monsters, heroes, zombies, fighting…and the list goes on. You’ve seen it in the movies; you’ve read it in books: boys and men alike are game addicts. Add a TV monitor and their all-time favorite [insert topic here], and what have you got? Exactly.

    Perfect for: Almost any guy/boy/man in your circle of family and friends

    Car accessories

    Holiday appeal: Getting the gents something for their ride – especially when you know they’ve been wanting, wanting, wanting it – can spell eternal gratitude. Drop by Quezon City’s Banawe Street, the car hotspot in the metro, or try surfing the Net for good deals.

    Perfect for: Brothers who fondly call their cars by their assigned names or, worse, “baby”


    The Resistance: Avalon


    Source: https://bjrose.wordpress.com/2014/02/20/games-night-the-resistance-avalon/

    Holiday appeal: Board games and card games are like video games only better: you get to play with them. Ditch the old, conventional ones, like Monopoly or Scrabble, and look for cooler, thematic versions, most of which you can find online. Gather your friends and let the games begin!

    Perfect for: That eager-beaver of a nephew who seems to have boundless energy (and an entire neighborhood of friends) or your beau whom you can’t tear away from the computer (and his neighborhood of friends)


    Comic books


    The best thing about comic books? They never age. You can give the oldest one you can find and still get a smile up on their faces. Source: http://www.comicvine.com/public-domain-characters/4015-55750/

    Holiday appeal:This is definitely an oldie but a goodie. Who can say no to Marvel, DC, Neil Gaiman…or even Archie?

    Perfect for: Your best boy bud from time immemorial


    One-month (or more) gym membership


    Staying fit is not such a hassle with the available pool of fitness centers across the metro.  Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gym_wiki.jpg

    Holiday appeal: Let’s face it: our health is something that we usually take for granted. Use the holiday season to change this. (While you’re at it, get one for you, too!)

    Perfect for: Your jogging buddy whom you know will appreciate it…or your colleague who keeps on saying that it’s time to work out, but has always been to busy to act on it

    One serving of his favorite dish

    Holiday appeal: That cliché about getting to a man’s heart through his stomach did not materialize in thin air. With their hefty appetites, the boys would definitely wolf down their favorite meals. Bonus points if you can cook it for them, but store-bought ones are the better option if you’re not confident in your culinary skills.

    Perfect for: Daddy dearest who’d love you still even if you feed him the most inedible food ever




    Check out Vom Fass in Shangri-La Mall, SM Aura and Rockwell Powerplant for a wide variety of cool wines spirits! Source: https://twitter.com/VomFassPH/media

    Holiday appeal: Help them battle those nippy nights with a shot of scotch, a glass of wine, a bottle of beer or (if you’re feeling a bit fancy) some limoncello. Everyone has their own brand of poison – it’s about finding out which one’s theirs.

    Perfect for: The boss who wouldn’t give you the time of day and/or uncles who used to blow you raspberries. It’s about time they realize you’re all grown up


    Still a bit confused? Don’t get stressed! Remind yourself what Christmas is really about…and that if they truly care, it will always be the thought that counts. Merry Christmas!


    Written By: Madeline Castillo, contributor

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