June 20, 2018

Postpaid VS Prepaid: Practicality and Convenience

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  • There are two types of mobile services in the country that are always in comparison especially when we talk about practicality and convenience – postpaid and prepaid. These services are offered in all mobile telecommunications in the country, all with their respective promotions and exclusive offers.

    But how do postpaid and prepaid services really work? Before we list down some tips for choosing the perfect mobile service for you, let us discuss the difference between prepaid and postpaid.

    Prepaid and Postpaid

    Prepaid means paying first before using the service, while postpaid is paying right after you use the service. Prepaid services are usually topped up through load cards or a loading kiosk while postpaid services are paid for through your mobile carrier’s exclusive plans. You avail of their plans and pay for your bill every month.

    So what’s more practical and what’s more convenient for you? Here, we got tips that might help you in choosing the perfect service for your needs.

    Know your needs

    The very first step in choosing the mobile service for your use is knowing your needs. Whether you’re a businessman working on the phone every single day, or someone who isn’t a text or call kind of person, you still need to weigh your need. Focus on what and how much of that service you will need.

    Breaking down the how much service you need, you have two things to consider:

    Texts and Calls

    How many text messages do you send in a month? How much time do you spend on phone calls every month? Do you need unlimited calls and texts every single day or are you a once-in-a-while caller or texter? Know your needs and list it down.


    Next is the data. Understand that mobile data are a bit pricey when paid for with regular airtime. You have to manage your data usage by looking at the Data Manager settings of your phone. There, you can see how much data you’ve spent for the entire month and you’ll get to know how much you need in the next following months.

    By knowing your estimated data usage, you now know if you’re a huge data user or not. Prepaid and postpaid services have exclusive promos and offer suited for your data needs.

    Weigh your needs

    Now that you have listed your needs, it is now time to weigh the pros and cons of choosing a service for your mobile phones. Know that both prepaid and postpaid have pros and cons that you might want to know before you choose one.

    Choose Your Service

    Now that you already listed down what you need, how much of each you need, and the pros and cons of choosing between the two, it is now time to decide the perfect service for you.

    If you prefer the convenient way of making calls and texts without worrying about your load, then you might want to get the postpaid plans your mobile carrier has to offer. But if you’re not much of a load spender, and you’re more of the practical one, you can avail load cards or loads in the nearest kiosk whenever you need one. The decision all depends on your need and your choice of practicality and convenience. 

    Written by Denisse Tenorio

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