March 17, 2017

Expats’ Guide to Filipino Snacks

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  • You may have learned about the most popular Filipino merienda food in our previous guide here, but we all know that the Filipino cuisine is rich with yummy food you may never have even heard before. To make you more familiar with other Pinoy snacks, here’s another batch of yummy delicacies you can find in the Philippines.

    1. Espasol

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    This food is a favorite Filipino delicacy that is very popular in the province of Laguna. Espasol is made up of glutinous rice and coconut strips coated with toasted flour.

    1. Yema

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    Yema is a well-known Filipino custard candy. This sweet and creamy triangular-shaped candy is easy to cook because the only ingredients you’ll ever need are egg yolks, butter, and condensed milk!

    1. Peanut Brittle

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    A popular souvenir item in the North, peanut brittle has also become a Filipino snack. This crunchy nutty sweet snack is sold in jars, or even per pack.

    1. Pastillas de Leche

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    Pastillas de leche is a Spanish term that means “milk tablets.” This sweet delicacy is made up of evaporated milk and coated with sugar. It usually comes in bundles wrapped with colorful Japanese papers.

    1. Otap

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    Otap is a popular puff pastry from Cebu, Philippines. This sweet flaky pastry with sugar sprinkles on top is made up of flour, coconut, and baked to perfection.

    1. Barquillos

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    Barquillos is a wafer roll snack that’s popular not just in the Philippines but also in some other countries. This crunchy roll also has different flavors such as ube and pandan.

    1. Lengua de gato

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    Lengua de gato is a milk-based biscuit which is a popular food souvenir in Baguio City. It’s a thin and crispy biscuit shaped like a “cat’s tongue” with rounded ends.

    1. Macapuno

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    This ball of sweetness is a called a macapuno candy. To make a macapuno candy, you need macapuno preserves, cornstarch, water, and condensed milk.

    1. Pichi-pichi

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    This gelatinous dessert made of cassava and sugar is a delicacy you must try. This sticky dessert is usually topped with grated coconut and cheese to make it more flavorful.

    1. Polvoron

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    This powdery delicacy is a favorite Filipino souvenir especially that it’s very easy to make. Made up of only toasted flour, powdered milk, and sugar, it’s totally a sweet little treat to munch on every merienda.

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