February 04, 2017

The Wooden Horse Steakhouse

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    Get something out of the ordinary at The Wooden Horse Steakhouse in Molito, Alabang. Popular with many Japanese in the area, the steakhouse is a unique restaurant for any cowboy at heart.

    Founded in 2010, The Wooden Horse Steakhouse has been one of the go-to places not only by people from the South of Metro Manila but is also visited by those from the North. Serving certified Angus beef, pasta, sandwiches, and salads, this restaurant also serves dishes for the kids.

    This American-inspired restaurant is owned by Chef Koichi Tabe, which is quite uncommon for a Japanese since this is a very Texas type of restaurant.


    Rib-eye Steak 6 oz. (Php 1,130) 

    Check out their succulent Rib-eye Steak that is best paired with the Japanese sauce. The steak can be requested to be served on a sizzling plate.


    Wooden Horse salad (Php 270)

    Their Wooden Horse salad is also a must try. It is an assortment of seafood and fresh lettuce with vinaigrette dressing.

    Wooden Horse Curry (Php 280)

    The owner/chef Mr.Tabei derived his curry recipe from Japan and is a popular food item despite not being on the main menu. The sauce contains 15 kinds of spices, and fruits such as papaya, apple, peach, and mango are added for broth and slow cooked for 6 hours.

    The Curry Udon (Php 350), that customers are said to order a lot,  is the perfect balance of slippery noodles and the thick curry sauce.

    Once you enter the restaurant, you’d think it is a cowboy salon rather than a restaurant. According to the restaurant manager, Mr. Gerrald Vallespin, the winning concept of the interior were all thought by Chef Tabe.

    They also offer off-menu that are upon request. The staffs of the restaurant would gladly accommodate you with everything you need.

    wooden-horse_2-4_webMake sure you try this juicy and tender Baby Back Ribs, served with a barbeque sauce. (Php 520, regular)

    So if ever you thought of driving through South and just wanna grab a drink with some friends, might as well drop by The Wooden Horse for an affordable, scrumptious and tender steaks!

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