January 13, 2019

Higher Fees Imposed On Illegal Parking and Yellow Lane Violations

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  • Heads up, drivers!

    The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) implemented higher violation penalties for those who will be caught parking illegally and committing yellow lane offenses.

    The newly increased fines are as follows:

    • For illegal parking of attended vehicle – Php 1000 (from Php 200)
    • For illegal parking of unattended vehicles – Php 2,000 (from P 500)
    • For obstruction of road – Php 1,000 (from P 150)
    • For yellow lane violation – Php 1,000

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    Motorists are prohibited from parking their vehicles on all national highways, including Mabuhay lanes. However, the directive is not applicable to subdivisions and roads that are under existing parking ordinances.

    MMDA warned vehicle owners that violators can now be fined for illegal parking and obstruction twice a day for the same violation. Motorists who fail to adhere and remove an illegally parked vehicle even after being notified will be given a new ticket every three hours.

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    The upsurge in violation fines is based on regulations signed by the governing and policy-making body of the MMDA, the Metro Manila Council (MMC). The new penalties were supposed to be implemented December of last year but were only enacted January 7 of this year due to ticketing collection system issues. 

    Source: Metropolitan Manila Development Authority

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