January 04, 2019

ANC’s Off the Beaten Path: Kyushu Unveiled the Beauty of the Underrated Region

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  • Kyushu is Japan’s third largest island and is closer to the Philippines compared to Tokyo. The region, despite not frequently visited by tourists, offers culture and an array of unique experiences waiting to be explored.

    ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) highlighted Kyushu’s unexplored beauty through a four-part documentary series hosted by Filipino TV personality Marie Lozano and Japanese actor and narrator Kaz Sawamura.

    Together, the two traversed into the underrated island to experience its culture, know more about its history, and learn more about the cultural aspects that Japan and the Philippines share.

    What better way to get to know a place than through its food? Off the Beaten Path: Kyushu, highlighted the different food of Kyushu like the Kurobuta (black pig), Ikinaridango (sweet potato treat), Somen Nagashi (flowing noodles), Kakigori (shaved ice dessert), and Imo Shochu (sweet potato shochu). The shared culture of Japanese and Filipino food was also discovered. 

    Eating Somen Nagashi at Tosenkyo in Kagoshima Prefecture

    At the Amakusa Shuzo Brewery

    Ikenotsuyu Shochu

    Another focus of the documentary was the trade and communications history between Japan and the Philippines. It also narrated how sweet potatoes were once smuggled in Japan through the Yamagawa Port and introduced the Utasebune, the traditional form of shrimp and prawn fishing. 

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    The documentary delved further into Kyushu’s culture by highlighting the Sakitsu Church which was the site of the hidden Christians and the monument of Francis Xavier who established Christianity in India, Malay Archipelago, and Japan.

    Sakitsu Village in Amakusa 

    More cultural similarities between Japan and Philippines was established with the introduction of the Haiya dance, a dance done for sea safety and big catch.

    Haiya Dance

    Aside from its rich culture and historical background, Kyushu also offers different activities like taking a dip in the Sayuri Black Sand Baths in Ibusuki Prefecture. 

    Sand-bathing in Ibusuki, Japan

    Off the Beaten Path: Kyushu aired every Thursday, 8:00 p.m. from December 13 to January 3 at ANC.

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    What are your thoughts on the documentary? Were you also mesmerized by the beauty of Kyushu? Share your thoughts through the survey posted on Discover Japan PH’s Facebook page. The poll will only take less than five minutes and will also help us know your thoughts regarding visiting Japan and how likely you are to visit the country. 

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