October 03, 2018

Manpuku Steakhouse in Makati Adds 5 New Japanese Dishes To Their Menu!

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  • Manpuku Steakhouse in Makati Adds 5 New Japanese Dishes To Their Menu!
  • It is richly satisfying once you discover a hidden treasure for yourself, more so if the said treasure is in the form of a restaurant that will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting for more– as in the case of Manpuku Steakhouse and the new and electrifying dishes which will soon grace their menu!

    Cocooned deep inside Makati Cinema Square, Manpuku Steakhouse is known for many things, among which is their organic farm in Tarlac where they obtain their own pork and chicken, ensuring healthy, untreated food for everyone to enjoy! What’s more is this Japanese-run restaurant is known for their signature Manpuku Special, plus the many new appetizers they plan to introduce to the public every month. With all these said, let us get to the five new dishes, Manpuku Steakhouse has in store for us real soon!

    This Manpuku Special (Php 850) is made of authentic US Beef Angus, cooked to medium rare to restore its tender quality.

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    Okura Butakushi (Pork Stick)

    Okura Butakushi (Php 80/stick)

    Made of pork belly, Okura Butakushi is cooked so as to become tender, easily resembling that of richer and thicker bacon strips on a stick. As Manpuku Steakhouse lets you season your own food with a choice of either chili or salt and pepper on the side, this Okura Butakushi can burst with flavors quickly, as the rich juices of the pork mingle with the seasoning.

    Negima (Chicken Meat with Sliced Onion Leeks in between)

    Negima, with its soft chicken meat and onion leeks in between, will soon grace your tables at Manpuku Steakhouse.

    Perhaps what makes Negima more special is how the sliced onion leeks, with its slightly crunchy and mild, onion taste, add more texture to the juicy chicken meat. This ultimately adds that bit of “extra” we just need to excite our palates and ready us for the next meal.

    Torikawa (Chicken Skin)

    The Torikawa teases the Filipino local palate with the familiar taste of chicken skin.

    Honestly, what would interest the local community more but the familiar taste of chicken skin? This, however, is not our typical crunchy chicken skin, as the Torikawa boasts of its soft quality, complementing the essence coming from the chicken. Perhaps what makes the dining experience more exciting is how easily you can gobble up each meat on the stick!

    Roll Cabbage

    To surprise you even further, Manpuku Steakhouse is stewing up for you two main kinds of their roll cabbage, each with their own remarkable quality! First up is their Chicken broth-based Roll Cabbage, seasoned perfectly as to taste both slightly sweet, balancing the right amount of salt.

    Their Roll Cabbage cooked in chicken broth is perfect for the rainy season ahead as it gives a kind of comfort to a diner.

    On the other hand, tasting sweeter while leaning slightly on the sour spectrum is their Tomato-based Roll Cabbage which satisfies the palate so well.

    This tomato-based Roll Cabbage invites not only with its warm orange hue, but more so with its delightfully sweet touch.

    More importantly, what makes these dishes to-die-for is the taste of well-seasoned minced beef enveloped inside the cabbage. While the rolled cabbage is usually sliced in the middle to reveal the minced meat inside, still, the dish easily resembles a gift waiting to be unwrapped to expose the flavorful minced beef inside.

    While Okura Butakushi is already available at Manpuku Steakhouse at Php 80 per stick, we surely can’t wait to sample the remaining new appetizers once more from this Japanese restaurant in Makati! Which one would you like to try out of these five new dishes? Don’t forget to share us your answers on the comments section below as we countdown to the much-awaited additional to Manpuku’s menu.

    For more information, you may give Manpuku Steakhouse a call at 0928-482-3066 or visit their Facebook Page at Manpuku Steakhouse. You are more than welcome to also visit them personally and try out their other specialties at the Lower Ground Floor of Makati Cinema Square, Chino Roces Ave., Makati City from 10 am to 11 pm every day.

    *Prices to be revealed soon

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