April 15, 2018

Quick Trip to the Tsinelas Capital: A One-Day Guide to Liliw, Laguna

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  • Liliw, Laguna may not sound as attractive as a lot of Laguna’s towns (Pagsanjan, Pansol, and Calamba are often some of the first options), but trust us when we say there’s more to this town than being a rest-stop to Pagsanjan, the province of Quezon, or the Bicol Region.

    Morning: Hike to Kilangin Falls

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    Fun fact: there’s a waterfall close to the town of Liliw, and it’s one of the town’s major tourist draws. Close, of course, is a relative term here because the start of the hike to Kilangin Falls is about 18 minutes away from Liliw. It’s also known by another name: Bukal Falls. The reason? Brgy. Bukal in neighboring Majayjay has claimed it is part of their territory.

    You have two ways to get to Kilangin Falls: through the Valiche trail or the Bukal trail. Bukal is easier, but locals recommend Valiche because it is more exciting and a lot closer to town. It costs about Php 30 – 50 per person to ride a tricycle to the start of the Valiche trail, and about Php 300 – 400 for a guide. There’s also an environmental fee that has to be paid upon entry (Php 10 or Php 20).

    Afternoon: Shoe/Slipper shopping and grub

    After a morning’s worth of hiking, it’s always a good idea to swing back into town for some lunch. The best we’ve found so far is also the only restaurant to offer Italian cooking: Arabela, a bakehouse and coffee shop that’s known for its low ceilings, family travel memorabilia, and an impressive menu.

    LOW CEILINGS. They’re really low, so if you’re bringing someone who’s close to 6′, you might want to tell them to duck.




    Once you’ve had your fill at Arabela, it’s time to take a leisurely stroll around town. First stop: St. John the Baptist Parish Church.

    Photo ops are the name of the game here, and Liliw Church is one that provides you with a rare opportunity to do so both inside and outside the church.

    See what we mean?

    Pro tip: Liliw Church’s parking lot is also the best place to leave your car without completely hindering traffic within Liliw. It’s literally within walking distance of anywhere in Liliw.

    Shops, shops, and more shops

    A trip to Liliw is never complete without visiting the shoe shops that line Gat Tayaw Street. Shoes and slippers are synonymous with the town of Liliw, and the craftsmanship you’ll see in their top product shows you why.

    Oh, and yes, they are one of the few towns that still use abaca as the main material for their shoes. There are a bunch of shops along Gat Tayaw and other streets in Liliw, which means you’ll use up most of your time looking for the best pair you can find rather than the best deal.

    Got something in mind for Liliw other than these? Let us know in the comments section below!

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