March 14, 2018

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory celebrates ‘White Day’ with a sweet and cheesy treat

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  • Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory celebrates ‘White Day’ with a sweet and cheesy treat
  • Unlike the Philippines where we only have one Valentine’s Day, Japan has two: the other one is called White Day. In this occasion, Japanese men give back gifts to women as a way to return gifts from whom they received gifts during their Valentine’s Day. In Japan, their Valentine’s celebration is where women give gifts to men—not the other way around.

    IMAGE Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Ph’s Facebook page

    To make this tradition known to the Philippines, Japan’s Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is offering a sweet treat nobody can resist. From March 14 to 31, get to celebrate the White Day tradition with a special Milk Cheese Cake for only Php 950 per box.

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    This special Milk Cheese Cake is the perfect gift for women out there for its cheesy and milky goodness. It’s totally a thoughtful gift to give and not to mention, it’s tasty. Get yours now and celebrate the tradition of love, the Japanese way!

    Source: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory’s Facebook page

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