February 20, 2018

Seafood at Santis Delicatessen Best Enjoyed this Lenten Season

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  • Whether you are a devout Catholic observing fasting this Lenten season or a health-conscious individual looking for delicious alternatives to meat, Santis Delicatessen can help you choose the best and freshest seafood ingredients for your diet-friendly meal.

    Santis Delicatessen is highlighting different fish and seafood on their Lenten Special offerings which you can avail of in all of their branches in and outside of Metro Manila.

    Frozen Whole Raw Lobster (wild caught, netted)
    Species Scientific Name: Homarus Americanus

    Their tender and sweet lobsters have been harvested from the pristine coastal waters of the North Atlantic. Santis Delicatessen ensures that their whole raw netted lobsters have no preservatives and are ready to cook. You can have these lobsters baked or cooked with veggies and savor in the fresh-from-the-sea flavors and the meatiness of the lobsters.

    Sizes: 400g – 450g
    Price: Php 1,490/kg
    Origin: Canada

    Frozen Monkfish (skinless, boneless, wild caught)
    Species Scientific Name: Lophius Americanus

    Their wild-caught monkfish, harvested from Maine to North Carolina, is available as a monktail or fillet and can be enjoyed in different ways. Santis Delicatessen recommends grilling or stewing the robust monktail. The fillet, meanwhile, is perfect as the main course of an elegant dinner.

    Size: 100g – 200g per piece
    Price: Php 630/kg
    Origin: USA

    Frozen Skate Wings (skinless, boneless, wild caught)
    Species Scientific Name: Leucoraja Ocellata

    Harvested along the Eastern Seaboard, skates are mild-tasting fish that belong to the family of rays. Considered as A-listers, fresh skates are often seen on the menus of classy white tablecloth restaurants in the US. You can have skate wings the French way, preparing them with black butter and capers—or you can have them in a more exciting dish with various ingredients and sauces.

    Sizes: 400g – 800g per piece
    Price: Php 450/kg
    Origin: USA

    Frozen Catfish-Wolffish (fillet, skinless, wild caught)
    Species Scientific Name: Anarchichas Denticulatus

    The Northern Wolffish is a robust marine fish that can be cooked in different ways without breaking the meat. Try it baked with a honey or lemon glaze!

    Sizes: 2.5kg – 3.8kg per piece
    Price: Php 895/kg
    Origin: USA

    All of the seafood listed above are covered by an MSC Sustainability Certificate.

    To find the nearest Santis Delicatessen store near you, you may check their website at www.santis-deli.com or their Facebook page.

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    Photos from Santis Delicatessen Facebook page.

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