November 06, 2017

Martell Luxury Tasting at Raffles Makati: Perfection through matchmaking

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  • Martell Luxury Tasting at Raffles Makati: Perfection through matchmaking
  • Martell, one of the oldest and most established cognac houses in France, took select guests on a unique experience of the exquisite culture of cognac through a luxury tasting event held October 27 at the Raffles Salon in Makati.

    Martell has been producing premium cognacs since 1715.

    The tasting event unveiled before its attendees the sophisticated complexity of cognac, which can be reinforced by a meticulous pairing of food. By itself, cognac is known as an exquisite drink that medleys balance, elegance, and sophistication in one’s palate. The magic of making this fine spirit only happens in the southwestern region of France.

    Martell brand ambassador Pierre Boyer stood before the audience as the guru of the day. An international expert in tastings, cognac, wine, and spirits, he passionately shared interesting facts about cognac, from its beginnings until its present prominence, while letting everyone admire the food and cognac pairings.

    Martell brand ambassador Pierre Boyer came all the way from France to share interesting facts about cognac.

    For the appetizer, Mahi-mahi carpaccio with tomato dressing and mango, a Martell VSOP-based cocktail called “The Perfect Serve” was served as the perfect match. Made with chilled mineral water and orange zest, the cocktail complemented the refreshing and zesty starter.

    Mahi-mahi carpaccio with tomato dressing and mango

    The Perfect Serve, made with Martell VSOP, chilled water, and orange zest.

    The main course, sirloin and French fries with Béarnaise sauce, was served together with a glass of Martell XO. Known for its fruity and intense taste, the drink’s spicy and bold properties helped bring out the rich flavors of the meat and the sauce.

    Martell XO paired with sirloin and French fries with Béarnaise sauce.

    For dessert, of course there’s also a cognac drink that can perfectly match a decadent dessert like chocolate religieuse with raspberry coulis and vanilla ice cream. Martell’s Cordon Bleu (CB) was served to create a harmony between this cognac’s smooth and mellow flavors and the dessert’s sweet and fruity notes.

    Martell’s Cordon Bleu paired with chocolate religieuse with raspberry coulis and vanilla ice cream.

    Through this luxury tasting event, perfection took the form of incredible food and cognac pairings, which can no doubt be appreciated by both connoisseurs and casuals. Martell has successfully showcased the versatility of cognac—although traditionally regarded as a sophisticated drink—as a spirit that can fire up different occasions.

    Written by Rizelle “Rei” Leaño

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