May 06, 2024

Yana Sonoda Joins Miss Supranational Japan Competition 2024

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  • UPDATE: 🏆🏆🌟  Yana “Yuki” Sonoda won Miss Supranational Japan 2024! She will be representing Japan in the global stage on July 2024 in Poland! Congratulations, Yana! 👑🌇 


    Hello, everyone! Yana here! I have some exciting news to share with you all, and I thought I’d write about it in this post.

    This time, I have been selected as a finalist in one of the world’s top five beauty pageants, Miss Supranational Japan! I will be representing Kagoshima in the national competition on May 5. For the pageant, I will be participating under my real name, Yuki Sonoda. If you happen to be in Japan on May 5, please come and support me! 😊

    IMAGE from Miss Supranational Japan 2024


    What is Miss Supranational?

    Miss Supranational is an annual international competition, usually hosted in Poland. 🇵🇱✨ If I win the national contest in Japan, I will compete against representatives from other countries on the global stage this July to showcase women’s true beauty and strength. 

    While Miss Universe is the most famous competition, there are many different beauty pageants. I will be competing for Miss Supranational Japan this time. The other major competitions include Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth.

    My Pageant History

    ➤ 3rd place in Miss Universe Japan

    ➤ 2nd place in Miss Supranational Japan

    Yes, this will be my second time participating in Miss Supranational Japan!

    Why Did I Decide to Participate in Miss Supranational?

    I’ve participated in many beauty contests. However, despite my track record, I’ve never won a title. When I participated in Miss Universe Japan, I trained for a year in the Philippines and was fully prepared. Unfortunately, I did not win, which was a deeply frustrating experience for me. 😭

    However, I am currently working as an actress in the Philippines and want to inspire others by taking on this final challenge!

    I moved to Japan when I was 10 years old and had a tough time during my elementary school years because I couldn’t speak Japanese. During those difficult moments, Filipino TV shows encouraged me. I believe entertainment is something that “never gives up and gives courage and hope.” As an entertainer, I want to show everyone that if you don’t give up, you can gradually make progress! With this, I’ve decided to participate in my final beauty contest. ✨

    The Best Creative Team!

    Speaking of beauty pageants, one crucial element is the photos shared on social media. I’ve brought together an incredible creative team, and we managed to take some fantastic photos! How do you like this one? 😉 

    The theme was to express the strength and beauty of women. You can find a video from the shoot here; please take a look! 🙏🏽

    Finally, a Note About Fan Voting!

    Fan voting has begun to determine the top 8 finalists in Miss Supranational Japan. Securing the first place in fan votes automatically guarantees a spot in the top 8. You can vote in two different ways:

    ※ I’ve been thoroughly checking every comment received; they really motivate me. Please continue to support me! 

    【How to Vote】

    There are two ways to participate in the fan voting: one is through Instagram, and the other is via web vote. If you could support me in both, that would make me incredibly happy!!

    ① Instagram Likes & Comments

    The number of likes and comments on this Instagram post will count as votes.

    To leave comments, first, follow the Instagram account @misssupranationaljapanofficial. You should be able to comment about an hour after following. I’d really appreciate lots of comments!

    ※ It seems there’s no limit on the number of comments you can make. I check every comment, so I’m looking forward to your warm messages!

    ② Web Voting

    In addition to likes and comments on Instagram, you can also vote online! Please vote for number 16, KAGOSHIMA, using this link: Vote Here! 🥰

    Please show your support if you can—every vote makes a difference!

    How to Buy Tickets for Miss Supranational Japan

    Tickets can be purchased from the website listed below. General sales are scheduled to start on April 28 at 12:00 p.m.

    • Ticket Sales Link: Purchase Tickets Here!
    • Date: May 5, 2024 (Sunday); Doors open at 3:30 p.m.
    • Location: SEL OCTAGON TOKYO (Roppongi)

    In my next article, I plan to write about the results of Miss Supranational Japan. I’ll do my best to bring you good news, so please cheer me on! 🤞🏽❤️👑

    ※ If you can come to support me at the contest in Japan, let’s take a photo together after the event! 🥰

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you!

    💕Love, Yana.


    【About Yana】

    YANA SONODA (ヤナ・ソノダ)
    Talent Management Agency: VIVA ARTISTS AGENCY

    Born in the Philippines, Yana “Yuki” Sonoda moved to Japan at the age of 10. While in Japan, she continued dreaming of becoming an actress, simultaneously pursuing a degree in international business law at Rikkyo University and carving out her identity as a beauty queen.

    The half-Filipina, half-Japanese beauty queen initially attracted a lot of attention in the Philippines as she achieved the title of second runner-up in the Miss Universe Japan 2020 competition.

    Upon her return to Philippines in March 2022, Yana Sonoda was unstoppable in reaching her full potential. The young actress appeared in various prestigious events in the country and took on lead roles in notable films. As the industry continues to recognize her talents, Yana was given the title, “Breakthrough Artist of the Year”, proving her growing prominence and impact in the entertainment scene.

    Now, Yana signs with VIVA Artists Agency, Philippines’ top talent management agency, adding a new chapter to her flourishing career. 

    【YANA FUENTES’ Featured Films (AQ PRIME)】

    Starring: Yana Sonoda, Aljur Abrenica, Soliman Cruz

    Starring: Yana Sonoda, Ara Mina, Marcus Madrigal, Jaden Lim

    Stay tuned for Yana Sonoda’s blog series on Philippine Primer! Follow Yana Sonoda on her social media accounts and be part of her official fan club by visiting

    Social Media Accounts
    Facebook: Yana Sonoda
    Instagram: @yukidusnd
    TikTok: @yanasonoda
    Twitter: @YanaSonoda
    Youtube: Yana Sonoda

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