October 06, 2017

WSK AXIS 2017 Festival set to feature ‘contemporary Asian new media’

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  • WSK: The Festival of the Recently Possible together with The Japan Foundation Asia Center open deeper cultural exchange with an axis of exhibitions, workshops, fora, and concerts featuring contemporary Asian new media art at Manila’s creative hubs in a month-long tech arts festival from October 23, 2017 to November 4, 2017.

    WSK—a modern disemvoweled form of “wasak,” which means shattered or destroyed in Filipino—is the first and only annual international art festival dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital, and experimental art.

    Launched in 2009 as Fete dela WSK and rebranded as WSK in 2013, the festival explores the diverse range of cross-disciplinary artistic activities in the context of digital culture and performance, with a focus on collaborative projects between the Philippines, South East Asia, and beyond.

    “The project introduces prominent examples of dynamic culture in our networking society as well as individual creativity that is strikingly synthesized with media technology.” – Director Hiroaki Uesugi of Japan Foundation, Manila.

    Artists from Japan and the Philippines will come together to showcase critical perspectives on how emerging artforms and innovative applications of new technologies can respond to the cutting edge of cultural and social thought.

    Sample artworks to look forward to on October 23-November 4, 2017

     Featuring interdisciplinary forms of media and art such as video, sound, robotics, computer-generated graphics, and performance, the exhibition INTERSTICES: Manifolds of the In-between explores the cracks of art whose nature falls between and the figurative gaps of the Philippine art scene.

    “The exhibition spread all over the hallways, foyers, and classrooms all over CSB-SDA, these non-traditional ‘interspaces’, act as a pop-up gallery where the usual exhibition spaces of galleries and museums are suspended.” – WSK founder and artistic director Tengal Drilon

    Shining a spotlight on the creative scene in Asia against the backdrop of the region’s rapid development and advances in information technology, the project fosters dialogue and partnership across exhibitions, workshops, symposia and performances that introduce the innovative fusion of technology and art that is new media art, as well as trends in pop culture and music following the emergence of the Internet.

    For more information, please visit our website (www.wsk.io) and for tickets and registration check out this link.

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