September 24, 2017

DLSU Manila makes its way for ADLAW Cruiser

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    The world has seen and felt the fierce impact of climate change or global warming in the past decade. In an effort to slow down the global effects of climate change, the De La Salle University in Manila have crafted and spearheaded making solar-powered cars that signified the start of a change.

    After being the first educational institution in the country that made an extra effort to take a stab at the matter by developing the Philippines’ first solar car, De La Salle University in Manila is once again working on its 5th version of their solar-powered car.

    DLSU brought their solar cars to the History Con exhibit! Under the SINAG Project, they are currently developing a four-seater solar-powered car.

    After launching their very first solar-powered car, “SINAG” in 2007, De La Salle University in Manila has been working on improvements for the next versions of their solar-powered cars which includes the SIKAT, SIKAT II, and the SIKAT II-A. The year 2017 however, will mark a significant change in the solar-powered car they are ought to produce through their newest model, the “ADLAW Cruiser”.

    “ADLAW Cruiser”, another big project under the De La Salle University’s Gokongwei College of Engineering is the 5th version of the university’s own solar-powered car. The car got its name “ADLAW” from sun and from an acronym: ADvanced LAsallian Workmanship. A cardboard model of the car was also featured in the History Con 2017, making it the car’s very first public appearance.

    /IMAGE De La Salle University Manila in Facebook

    The ADLAW Cruiser is a 4-passenger solar-powered car that can run a maximum speed of 70kph. Its technical team is composed of students from different departments of the Gokongwei College of Engineering, and is headed by Mr. Richard Li, a professor from the Industrial Engineering department.

    ADLAW Cruiser is currently still on its working phase but upon completion, it will be displayed at the Miguel Hall of the said university along with SINAG that was also featured in History Con 2017, and the DLSU Eco Car that finished 1st in Shell’s Drivers’ World Championship Asia.

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    Written By: Patricia Antoinette M. Nacianceno
    Image Source: Facebook

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